Price tag of education should not limit ambition

Deanna Moon, Entertainment Editor

As each new class of students enters the search for the perfect college, many factors are taken into consideration. Whether it is seeking a solid foundation for a career or the traditional college atmosphere, students everywhere are trying to find the best schools for their futures, and better yet, their wallets.

• Consider your options. Sure, the prestigious private university nestled in the glamorous environment of a fast-paced city may seem ideal, but making an economical decision requires a bit of compromise. Students need to focus on what kind of school can offer sufficient education for his or her desired major, while getting the most out of their money. This kind of deliberation may require giving up attachments to a pricey dream school and opting for a more reasonable state university.

• Take advantage of scholarship opportunities. Numerous websites, such as, offer easy methods to increase your college funds. Some require essays and applications, others require a simple name entry.

• Utilize free tools for financial assistance. Most importantly of all, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This is application determines a student’s edibility for financial aid. Various colleges offer a net price calculator on their websites to offer students a chance to take a glimpse at their possible chances to gain funds from Pell Grants, loans and other forms of aid.

• Do your research. Students need to take the initiative to properly search for schools to find out what each has to offer financially. For example, universities, such as Indiana University and Baylor University, offer automatic scholarship consideration for admitted applicants that fit certain academic criterion. Universities typically enumerate the statistics of how much financial aid they offer. Organized statistics and averages from students, past and present, can be found on websites like or

The bottom line is that the price tag of a school should not hinder one’s capability to seek after a future for themselves. With numerous opportunities to afford, or at least to reduce, the price of college, no student should have to lose their chance for higher education.