Curious Cuisine

Students and staff talk about the weirdest thing they’ve eaten

The strangest thing someone has eaten all depends on their perspective, which can be influenced by their culture and background. I spoke with staff and students about the strangest things they’ve ever eaten.

IMG_4124AP Chemistry teacher Kerri Boyd: The cow fry

  • “So I’m at this family reunion summer fish fry and catfish is being fried and hush puppies and all kinds of things. My cousin-in-law came over and said, “Kerri, try these cow fries.’ OK, why not? I was thinking steak and potatoes. I had no idea what it was though, but I pop it in my mouth. I’m chewing the fried, kinda rubbery, strange texture, strange taste kind of thing but halfway in, she alerts me that I’m eating the fried testicles of a calf. That’s been castrated. So, yeah. That’s the strangest thing that I’ve ever eaten.”



Sophomore Dyris Payne: Mexican candy

“I guess the weirdest thing I have eaten is Mexican candy. There was this one lollipop that my friend gave me and I was, ‘Oh, it’s a lollipop!’ And she told me it was Mexican candy, with cayenne pepper all over it, but it’s sweet and mango-y on the inside. It was different, but then when your taste buds adjust to it, it was actually pretty good. I would have it again.”



Junior Michelle Moeller: Frog legs

“I was at my cousin’s wedding and my uncle was like, ‘Here Michelle, try some frog legs.’ I’m just like, ‘No, no thanks.’ But then he told me he’d give me a dollar. So I tried them. They were actually good, they tasted better than chicken. They were seasoned and fried and it looked just like chicken. Like if you had eaten it, you wouldn’t have known they were frog legs. You’d be like, ‘Oh, this is just a type of chicken.’ It helped with making me eat it. I think I’d have it again. “


Senior Darby Drummond: Curried goat stomach

“The first time I went to Jamaica was this last summer and I got to see my dad’s family. They’re Jamaican and they come off really hard and intimidating. If you don’t do something, they’ll blow it up to this huge situation. Any time anyone offered me any food, I didn’t want to be rude because it was the first time I was meeting them. When they would give me something I would be like, ‘Yeah sure I’ll take it! I’ll do whatever you want me to do.’ They put this plate in front of me and they’re like, ‘Eat this!’ so I was like, ‘What is this?’ and then they told me it was curried goat stomach. I was kind of like ‘Oh …’ but after that I just went in and took a bite. I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did because I like to stay in my boundary box. But it was a pleasant experience.”