Opinion: It is time to stop talking about “Encanto”


Photo via Disney Plus

Following the successful Nov. 24 release of Disney’s “Encanto,” roughly 250,000 TikTok videos have been made using songs like “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” “Surface Pressure” and “The Family Madrigal,” along with countless other videos made about the movie. But with the songs being overplayed and the film talked about so much, it makes “Encanto” overrated. 

When I first watched the movie, I enjoyed it. The songs were good and the idea behind it could have made it one of my favorite movies, but the plot didn’t live up to its true potential. Maybe it was the lack of a true villain, but the ending didn’t give the sense of closure I wanted. It was bland and didn’t live up to the expectations of previous Disney movies. 

Later scrolling through TikTok, it seemed like every other video I saw had something to do with the movie. At first, I didn’t mind since I assumed that just like every other Disney movie, it would run its course and die down a week later. Sadly, this wasn’t the case as a week turned into two. Now, months have since passed, and the amount of videos hasn’t slowed. 

The movie was decent. I enjoyed the representation of the Latin community and the relatability of the characters, but there should’ve been more. The movie only had characters, barely scraping together a plot or constant message. 

There were too many plot holes that were brushed over, such as how Dolores couldn’t keep Mirabel’s secret, but managed to keep the fact that Bruno was in the walls for years, or how Mirabel didn’t receive a gift at all. 

I don’t think it needs to be as popular as it is. It’s a fine movie, but hearing those songs over and over does not help. In the past, there was huge backlash against “Frozen” when “Let It Go” was played repeatedly. “Frozen” was a good movie, but it was quickly called overrated for the same reason “Encanto” should be. 

With “Frozen,” though, there were not thousands of videos about the movie — there was only one song being overplayed. After the amount of popularity “Encanto” has  received, it’s gotten annoying. The movie was well-made, but there were too many plot holes. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t good enough for the amount of popularity it received.