Photo Gallery: Swim Meet 11/24

Tatiana Calzado, Opinion Editor


photos by Maleeha Ahmad and Tatiana Calzado.

The swim team competed in a meet against Trinity High School from Euless at 12pm on Nov. 24 at the LISD Aquatic Center.

“It went pretty well,” varsity swimmer Nickole Huerta said. “We beat them by a lot.Trinity had more swimmers, but we still won. Our times are a lot better.”

The coaches of the opposing teams are married: Jay Chagnon coaches Hebron, while his wife, Dawn Chagnon, coaches Trinity.

“I thought it was actually really interesting to be at this meet because they’re both different people and you see how they interact when they’re not at a meet,” Huerta said. “[Mrs.Chagnon] comes to the pool a lot. It’s fun to see them collaborate to improve their teams.”