First-ever girls wrestling team in the making

Photo by Aparnna Manoj

A poster put out by the wrestling team to promote joining the team. For more information contact [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected].

Two girls have taken the opportunity to join the school’s first female wrestling team, practicing during first period, which is in need of more members before becoming an official team.

“This is the beginning forms of the team,” wrestling coach David Rozanski said. “When we get more members, it’ll be an official team. It’s the start up of what could be a team.”

In past years, the wrestling team has only consisted of males. The two teams are not going to be practicing with each other, but will be going to competitions and meets together once more girls join.

“[The guys are] excited to a limited extent,” Rozanski said. “Just to have females as a counterpart, although they aren’t going to be wrestling against each other.”

Other LISD schools, like Flower Mound, Lewisville, and Marcus, have a girls wrestling team available. Rozanski said the reason why there was not a team before was because of the lack of interest and numbers, and many girls didn’t know of the opportunity to join the team.

“[I formed this team in order to] give girls an opportunity to wrestle, and be a part of that experience,” Rozanski said. “Right now, [the other schools are] prospering and doing well. And I want Hebron to experience the same thing.”