Silver Wings to compete at Timber Creek tomorrow


Photo by Harper Lee

First Lieutenant senior Hannah Lee leads her file in victory lines for the football players.

The Silver Wings will compete at Crowd Pleasers, a drill team competition, at Timber Creek High School in Fort Worth on Feb. 16. They will compete throughout the day against Keller, Highland Park and Marcus.

“We’ve had early morning practice for the past couple of months since football season,” senior and captain Holly Bowling said. “We’ve [had to do a lot of work to] learn and clean our dances.”

The Silver Wing officers will each perform individual dances followed by dances with the rest of the team.

“You get graded by category and then overall winner,” Bowling said. “We go to contest every other year, so the last year [I went] was my sophomore year. That went well. We only went against one other team, but we won.”

The officers have been assessing what the team needs to work on in order to be successful at the competition in order to go in confident and prepared.

“We’ve cleaned most of our weaknesses,” senior and first leuintent Hannah Lee said. “We definitely have energy and personality. What we have is so diverse compared to any other team, and I feel like that’s one of our really big strengths. We’re all so different, but we are all really talented dancers, so when we come together, our dances are really good.”

The team has been preparing physically and mentally throughout the week for the competition in hopes to continue the success from previous years.

“Our team is really strong this year,” Bowling said. “We feel pretty good. They’re all varsity teams, but we feel confident. We’re going to go out there and do our best.”