Boys basketball to play final district game Feb. 14


Peyton Kuschender

Junior Cameron Mennsfield and senior Jaden Clemons shake hands during a game against Marcus on Jan. 13. The team won the game 67-40.

The boys basketball team will play its final district game against Lewisville on Feb. 14 in the arena at 7:30 p.m.

“[We’re preparing] the same way we have been since day one, just a little harder,” senior shooting guard Jaden Clemons said. “In the beginning of the season, this game was in the back of our minds, [but] now it’s in the front of our minds. It’s more motivation to go harder, but we’re still going to attack it like we always do.”

This season, the team has lost three starters due to injuries. Head coach Eric Reil said this caused the season to not be how they planned. The Hawks are ranked third in district, having won nine games and lost four. 

“We had a bunch of kids who stepped up and played really well,” Reil said. “We had some young kids that had to play a little bit sooner than they would have [in] a normal year, and to still have the success we have had has been fantastic.”

Lewisville is ranked fourth in the district, and has won eight games and lost five in district games this season. 

“Lewisville is always a great game to play,” Clemons said. “It’s a great atmosphere in our arena, as well as in theirs. I think it’s nothing more than having fun [and] playing the game of basketball, which we’re all passionate about – it’s no deeper than that. Lewisville is always a great match up for us.”

Junior point guard Cameron Mennsfield said Lewisville is a fast-paced and cocky team, presenting challenges for the Hawks. The team has played Lewisville one other time this season and won 61-49.

“I’ve learned how to be more in control and know when we’re going too fast as a team,” Mennsfield said. “I know Lewisville is going to try to make us play at a [faster] pace than we would like to play, so I feel like if we play our pace, we’ll be able to handle them just like we did last time.”

Although the team is advancing into playoffs, this game marks the end of the district season, and will be the last time the seniors play in the Hawk Arena.

“It’s sad [because] I have such a good group of kids,” Reil said. “I love my seniors [and] I love my young kids. It’s been a really good year and to see it come to an end is exciting, because I know we’re going into playoffs, but at the same time, it’s the last game [the seniors] are ever going to play in the arena. When you have your last home game, it kind of sets in that this is it [for them].”

A win against Lewisville would secure a higher ranking for the team going into playoffs and a lower ranking for Lewisville. Since Lewisville is currently fourth in the district, a lower ranking would kick them out of the playoffs.

“Lewisville is a very cocky team,” Mennsfield said. “Every game they feel like they’re going to beat us, so hopefully we can make them eat their words and win this game, just like we did last time.”