Hawks suffer fifth straight loss to lowly Farmer team


Receiver Trinity Benson scored four times Friday night to lead Lewisville to a 38-20 win over the Hawks.

The Hawks’ defense showed little resistance all night, allowing Benson to catch touchdowns of 19, 44 and 15 yards. His 76-yard punt return put the Farmers up 24-7 late in the third quarter, sealing the game for a team that hasn’t beaten the Hawks in several years.

Penalties killed the Hawks all night. Angelo Garbutt seemed to return a kickoff late in the first quarter, but a block-in-the-back nullified the touchdown and instead forced the offense to start from their own 9-yard line. On their second drive of the game, an unsportsmanlike penalty drove the Hawks backwards after they had slowly worked their way into Farmer territory. The lack of focus proved devastating, as the Farmers forced a fumble later that drive and returned it for six.

The most startling trait of this season is not the losses, but the complete lack of team chemistry. As Lewisville took a 10-0 lead into halftime, the Hawk players looked defeated already. They entered the second half without any intensity. Throughout the rest of the game, the coaches had to call timeouts in order to get players on the field that were lazy in doing so.

The body language on the field was poor as well. The defense rolled over in the second half, letting the Farmer offense steamroll over them. They failed to get off blocks, wrap up, or chase down receivers. It wasn’t that they were physically outmatched, Lewisville just simply wanted it more.

One bright point on offense was the varsity debut of quarterback Richard Dodd. Due to injury to backup QB David Brazil, Dodd was moved up from JV Black to split reps with starting QB Colton Chapin. He had an excellent first game, completing 4-0f-7 passes for 80 yards and a touchdown.

With Chapin having to play corner most of the game, there are rumors around the football team that Dodd may take over the starting role. Just a sophomore, every game that Dodd plays in helps because that experience will come in handy next year.

The Hawks head into the bye week embarrassed and angry. What will be interesting to see is how that anger is used. Will they come out of the bye more focused and determined? Or will they will continue to point fingers at one another?

The Allen Eagles come into The Woodshed two weeks from now. The Hawks have absolutely nothing to lose since many predict this game to be a blow out. All I hope for is to see them play physical against a team that is tougher than most other teams in Texas. When you start believing in yourself and playing every snap as hard as the next, then wins against the best team in the state become more possible.