Spring Game continues to grow


Hannah Arnold

Football players run out of the Super H as the game begins.

The Hebron Football Booster Club will be hosting the fourth annual Spring Game tonight from 4-8 p.m. at Hawk Stadium. The event will be comprised of a JV and varsity football scrimmage, as well as performances from the Silver Wings and drumline. Picasso’s Pizza, Dillas, McAllister’s Deli, Ice Wizard, and Chik-fil-a will be around the track throughout the event, and there will be football activities between the JV and varsity scrimmage in which younger children can participate.

We want to ensure everyone feels the pride of being part of Hawk nation,” Spring Game Chairman Susan Waida said. “The vision of the Spring Game & Family Festival is to provide an opportunity not only to showcase the upcoming football team and great club we have at Hebron, but also to create a sense of true belonging and feeling of hometown support for our high school.”

Head coach Brian Brazil said he appreciates the community’s support and credits former booster club president Kronda Thimsech for changing the nature of the Spring Game.

“We’re not just one city; we are a conglomeration of five different cities,” Brazil said. “We have a unique dynamic and to bring everyone together for an event like the spring game is fun. I was not the main visionary when it came to changing the spring game. Kronda Thimesch was the one that planted the seed in my head to make some changes. Because of her vision, it really has taken off. Once it got going, I thought I was a knucklehead for not starting it sooner so that we could have more community involvement.”

The event ran into a speed bump this year due to inclement weather that is expected on Thursday. The potential consequence of cancelling the Spring Game forced Brazil to move the game to tonight.

“In the past I wouldn’t have had an issue changing the game from Thursday to Wednesday,” Brazil said. “But it was an ordeal this year because we had to call the vendors and the people providing the bounce houses to let them know the change in schedule. If we hadn’t moved it to tonight, we might’ve had to cancel the game altogether, which would have cost us money. I know there might be some conflicts, but I think a lot of people will still come.”

Cancelling the event would’ve wasted months of planning, as the booster club begins preparations for the game in January, according to Waida.

We are so very blessed to have so many members willing to help,” Waida said. “It takes many booster members to make this a success as we handle communications, advertising, securing sponsors, food vendors, groups to participate, designing our T-shirts, selling them and the small army of members who help run everything the day of the event.”

Because the event is comprised of many activities, Brazil said he hopes his players stay focused.

There’s times where I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m trying to get a kid in the game and he has a corndog in his hand,” Brazil said. “It’s been a good spring and we’ve gotten some things ironed out. I think having Coach Odle here for a whole year and a full spring helped our offensive progress and defensively we have shored up some things. I’m still looking for some guys to step up though. Sometimes in the spring game somebody steps up that previously hadn’t shown quite as much. If they play really well that night, then it might give me the idea that they could help us and be a contributor.”

In the past, the booster club has been able to recognize dignitaries who support the event such as mayors or city council members.

“This year we’ll also have representatives from Congressman Marchant’s office,” Waida said. “The whole event simply started as an opportunity for the boys to play some football but over the years it has grown to involve many of the organizations and clubs at Hebron as well as the feeder pattern schools and the five communities that the high school serves.”