On the Record: Tunes to help you sleep

Sanobar Chagani, Staff Writer

During nights when your mind won’t settle down to let you sleep, you often toss and turn and count sheep. Luckily, music is a great alternative for soothing a busy brain. Here’s a playlist of calming songs that will help you fall asleep:

A Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope:

This song provides a light tone as the lyrics, “I was praying that you and me might end up together” explain love and conflict. Some nights are meant to be spent cherishing memories and swiftly falling into a dream filled with the people and moments that are most important.

Trouble sleeping by The Perishers:

As the night goes on and the lack of sleep becomes unbearable, The Perishers can help sleep come easily. This indie rock band creates an air of peace that will allow rest to come quickly. Many light sleepers find soft music similar to this song useful for getting back to a peaceful rest.

Gold by Wake Owl:

After a long day at school, music is often a helpful remedy, and this song starts off with a soft strum of a guitar and a soothing voice that is ideal for falling asleep. When your day seems broken this indie folk band creates a united tone of hope by playing their instruments in perfect harmony. Unlike many other indie folk bands, the lead singer and songwriter acquired his inspiration from his traveling experiences.

The Funeral by Band of Horses:

This song starts off with a soft melody that is perfect for going to sleep. Even though the lyrics are gloomy, the tone is optimistic, and it will ensure a good night’s rest. This song is definitely for heavy sleepers because it goes into a louder energetic beat that is best paired with deep slumber.