Snow Day Playlist


Sue Jin Park

Madeline Cannon, Entertainment Editor

As temperatures continue to stay frigid, our staff selected some tunes to listen to on those chilly days that have become much more frequent. Go ahead: Grab your blankets, light the fireplace and make some hot chocolate because we’ve got a snow day playlist for you.

Colder Weather- Zac Brown Band

Although depressing, this song gives the listener hope that spring is coming soon. The slow, melodic lyrics are perfect to sing along to while watching the fireplace crackle. The song speeds up toward the end and offers the promise of a mended heart and warmer temperatures.

Make You Feel My Love- Adele

Adele shows just how talented she is with this wonderful remake that is a classic song for any snow day. With her powerful voice and heartwarming lyrics, this song is always appropriate. On snow days, people typically can’t get out of the house much, and this song talks about expressing love from afar. Adele shows just how talented she is with this wonderful remake.

After the Storm- Mumford & Sons

This less popular Mumford & Sons song is ever beautiful. It is arguably the best song on their album “Sign No More.” This song, similar to “Colder Weather,” gives the listener hope that although the weather is bleak now, a better season is coming.

The Best Day of My Life- American Authors

With all the slow songs on this playlist, “The Best Day of My Life” is a great contrast. With a more upbeat tempo, you will want to set your hot chocolate down and start dancing around your house. What could be better on a day when it is too cold to go outside?

Iris- The Goo Goo Dolls

This classic song is a perfect blend of tempo, lyrics and mood. The tempo, although fairly slow, carries the song along at a great pace. The somewhat depressing lyrics are perfect for sitting at home all alone and contemplating life. This song creates a somber mood, perfect for a bleak day.