Bite Sized: Torchy’s Tacos


With many popular restaurants lining West Park Boulevard, it is worth your while to go a little out of the way and try Torchy’s Tacos. The restaurant was originally made popular in Austin but has recently opened locations in the DFW area. The closest Torchy’s is located at Preston Road and Belt Line Road.. The menu is eclectic and fresh offering a variety of flavors and some vegetarian options as well. I went with my family on a Friday evening and was pleasantly surprised by all aspects of my visit. The shop was busy but the staff was managing the crowd quickly ease. We ordered a side of guacamole for the table and it was nothing short of incredible being both extremely fresh and flavorful. The variety of spices was fantastic, although I could not put my finger on which spices were specifically used. The tortilla chips were tasty, salted just right for the guacamole. I ordered two tacos, which paired perfectly with some bites of guacamole. I chose “The Democrat” and the “Chicken Fajita” tacos, and they were both stupendous. “The Democrat” is a shredded beef taco topped with avocado and other toppings on a corn tortilla. I wished that I had ordered two of this taco after I took my first bite. It was a great mix of flavors, and spices that left me wanting more. I’m not usually a huge fan of corn tortillas, but after eating “The Democrat”, I may have had a change of hearts. This taco was one of the best I’ve ever had, and I would recommend it to anyone who loves beef and avocado. Although not as good as “The Democrat,” the “Chicken Fajita” taco was still extremely satisfying and fresh. It is very similar to a normal chicken fajita, except at Torchy’s you can pick a sauce to go with it. I really enjoyed this classic taco with a twist of spicy because of the sauce. To add to the uniqueness of this restaurant, you will not find any Coca Cola or Pepsi products. All the soda options are from Maine Root Soda, an uncommon company, which still tastes really good. Sometimes it is nice to try something different, and Torchy’s Tacos is a great place to do that. I enjoyed all aspects of my visit from the friendly staff to the delicious food. Their menu also offers breakfast tacos, which I hope to try on a later date. If you’re willing to make the 15 minute drive, Torchy’s is definitely worth it.

  • Fresh choices
  • Unique meats
  • Vegetarian options
  • Breakfast tacos
  • Far from the school