Three restaurants put their own twist on “acai bowls”

In my quest to encourage myself to not only eat healthier foods, but also like what I’m eating, I discovered acai bowls. An acai bowl, or Açaí na tigela, is a Brazilian dish that consists of pureed acai palm fruit and toppings such as whole fruit and granola. Since acai bowls have been trending for a while, I decided to visit three restaurants that do acai their own way.


Nekter Juice Bar: Best place for to-go 

Nekter, located on 3309 Dallas Parkway Suite 401B in Plano, is most popularly known for their acai bowls. I have eaten here a few times already and while the bowls to me seem pricey, it’s definitely worth it. The ‘bar’ is pretty small, but orders don’t take more than 10 minutes to get ready, so this place would be great for to-go orders. I liked the variety of options at the restaurant and the vibrant decor. I ordered the Peanut Butter Acai Bowl but substituted it with almond butter and every flavor was present. The fruit and granola added a sweeter taste, and the almond butter gave the acai a creamier texture.  Nekter’s clean atmosphere and fresh fruits make this a win for me.



Berry Naked: Best place for a fun atmosphere

Berry Naked, located on 7800 Windrose Ave. in Plano, carries what they call Soulful Puree Bowls. While they have a limited number in their options of acai bowls, they offer updated takes on the classic bowls. Since I wanted to try healthier options, I decided to order the Tri-Athlete, particularly because it contained spirulina (algae) and bee pollen, which I found unique. The Tri-Athlete has an earthy, savory taste from the coconut and hemp seed granola. After trying it, I was surprised at how much better spirulina tasted than I imagined. The high-energy atmosphere of Legacy Hall ties the experience together.



Bowl Mami: Best place to study and unwind

Bowl Mami, located on 2701 Old Denton Rd. in Carrollton, opened on April 20 and is owned by an Angeleno who opened the restaurant to bring her Californian roots to Texas through healthy eating. Once I walked into the restaurant, I could immediately see the Californian “vibes” with color-blocked walls, flower-printed seating, pastel colors and a neon banana sign. I ordered one of their “Signature Smoothie Bowls,” the Scarlet Begonia, which has pitaya base instead of acai. The restaurant’s small, cozy space and outdoor seating, combined with the buzz of traffic makes this an ideal place to study. The Scarlet Begonia had simple flavors like honey and chia seeds, which added extra textures I didn’t see at the other acai restaurants. Pitaya gave the bowl a mild sweetness like kiwi, which didn’t overpower the other fruits and had a balance blend of mellow flavors.