Back from the dead

XXXtentacion released his second album since his death

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XXXTentacion released his second album “XXXTENTACION Presents: Members Only, Vol. 4” on Jan. 23 after his death in July 2018. Following his album, “Skins,” XXXTentacion returned with a 60-minute album filled with nostalgia and melancholy.

The 24-song-album starts off with “Corey’s Intro,” a song composed of slow beats, hypnotic melodies and heartfelt words. This song, sung by Corey, is about his experience watching XXXTentacion go through his depressive episodes. From watching him reminisce to his painful goodbye, “Corey’s Intro” gives a big look into how the loss of a friend truly impacts a person.

“Nothing” follows, featuring a rap by singers Cooliecut, Craig Xen and Killstation. This song gives off a lonely, detachment vibe that I believe everyone can relate to at different points in their lives. This track is about living life the way you want to and letting yourself let go of the stress and apprehensiveness that comes with it. This track really stood out to me because I’m a big believer in living life without limits and not having to feel pressured into harsh decisions.

A few songs later, “Fall in Love with Death” contrasts the emotional lyrics with the insanely addictive beat. Tying back to the theme of the album, this track follows the fearless, depressive vibe. In this track, XXXTentacion, along with singers Bass Satana, Kin$oul and Cooliecut, address the type of pressure being put on artists in the music industry. It expresses his want to abandon the industry and life all together, and how he struggled with it for years. This is my personal favorite song due to its honest, heartfelt lyrics and its emotional backstory.

Directly after, “Love Hard, Fall Fast” continues to address many of the issues XXXTentacion went through as a musician and as a human being. The track is about how XXXTentacion, along with singers Flyboy Tarantino and Craig Xen, was involved with women in unrequited love and relationships. The singers felt like they had put more into the relationship than what they received and were then thankful for their relationships ending the way they did.

Later in the album, “He Diddy!,” featuring Ski Mask the Slump God, displays XXXTentacion’s view on females and how they kept playing with his heart to the point where he just gave up completely. This track was named after rapper and businessman Diddy, who XXXTentacion wanted to emulate in this song. With the colorful wordplay and fast flows of both XXXTentacion and Ski Mask the Slump God, this song portrays independence and materialism.

Lastly, “Rebirth (2016)” ends the album with questions that remain unanswered and feelings of grievance and agony. This track starts with XXXTentacion giving advice to all listeners to be thankful and attentive to what they have been blessed with in their lives. However, later in the monologue, XXXTentacion addresses his haters and lets them know of the karma that could potentially show up at any given moment of their lives. This track really stood out to me the most because of his change in kindness when addressing his fans to later addressing his haters. He finishes off the monologue stating that everyone lives and dies for a reason and that everyone deserves what is given to them in life.

Overall, “XXXTENTACION Presents: Members Only, Vol.4” combines both hopelessness and selflessness throughout its entirety, and has taught me there is not one single human being who has a perfect life. I have learned that no matter how rich, successful, and stress-free a person can be, they have or are going through personal battles that may be dealt with through music or silence.