The stars of the beauty world


photo borrowed from Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star are back with a new series revealing the inner secrets of the beauty world with ‘The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star.’ Shane’s first four episodes came out a few weeks ago, each hitting over 15 million views, and becoming some of the top trending videos on YouTube. 

Not much happened in the first episode. Shane joined Jeffree at his meet and greet in Sacramento, Ca. The episode mostly consists of Shane and his mental breakdowns, but then again, there aren’t any episodes without them. I thought the first episode kept building up the hype of the show, but it didn’t reveal the secrets that everyone was waiting to hear. This whole experience gave Shane an inside look into the life of a beauty creator and what he will soon experience regularly since he is now creating makeup alongside Jeffree. The episode seemed slow and boring because it didn’t deliver on the promise of exposing secrets, so I was a little disappointed by the layout. I wish the episode’s main focus was something more interesting than just showing the meet and greet.

In the second episode, Shane got a backstage view of how all Jeffree’s makeup is produced and shipped as well as how manipulative the beauty industry is. It even showed how many beauty brands have manipulated customers. High-end brands sold at Sephora or Ulta manufacture their eyeshadow palettes for about $5 or $6 but sell it for $50. Popular high-end brands and trends across social media have led to consumers being scammed by paying more money than they should. I just think the pricing for these brands is so dumb because you can still get good quality makeup for cheaper prices from drug stores.  Jeffree discussed his eyeshadow palettes and how they cost around $28 and he sells it for $50. Comparing his prices to the other high-end brands, Jeffree’s products are a lot less of a scam than his competition. The whole episode exposed pricing secrets of the beauty world (no pun intended) and it was also fun to see Shane planning out his palette.

The third episode was scary and emotional at the same time. The beginning of the episode showed Shane panicking about Twitter because rumors from his past were brought up. I genuinely felt bad for Shane because I don’t believe the rumors were true, and I think most people would agree. These rumors quickly blew over, but even more abrupt news was revealed later on. Jeffree’s cosmetics buildings and construction areas were robbed. Someone made a hole through the ceiling, broke in, and stole many items. This was hard on Jeffree because products that haven’t been launched yet were stolen and they are being sold in Mexico. This made Shane and Jeffree really scared because they had just started planning out new things to come, so they feel it is some sort of a warning. I think it’s really scary that someone just happened to figure out the location, break in, rip out the security alarms and steal important items.

The fourth episode was really exciting because Shane’s palette was being confirmed with Morphe, which is the brand Jeffree partnered with for Jeffree Cosmetics. Shane is coming out with his own collection, which releases Nov. 1, and all his products were approved and are ready to order. I thought this episode was really fun because it showed the behind the scenes of how the makeup is created in the factories. This series has been shining the spotlight on the beauty world and all the new products coming soon. I enjoyed seeing Shane plan out everything because I feel he is such a hard-working person and he deserves to be the center of attention with his palette.

This series has yet to reveal all the drama that went on involving Star and other major creators in the beauty community. I feel like this series has been pretty uneventful so far, despite the robbery, because it has mostly been about Shane planning out his palette. Although it was interesting to see the robbery and Shane make his $20 million deal, I wish there were more big events happening, but I’m still looking forward to the rest of the series.