Heart club holds online fundraiser against pediatric heart diseases

Heart club is raising money for an organization called Children’s Heartlink. The funds will go to children who don’t have access to adequate treatment against heart diseases.  

“Our fundraiser that we currently have is for heart disease,” president Bhavya Jaiswal said. “In February, we had a meeting over cardiology, and we wanted to focus on helping people with blood and heart related diseases. For data, we reached out to an organization called Heartlink, [which] helps kids and mothers all over the world with heart disease. We are currently raising money for that.” 

Students can donate via the QR codes shown on flyers around the school, or they can go directly to the club’s sponsor, AP Biology teacher Kelly O’Brien, to transfer the money. Heart club’s current goal is $200, and they plan to extend the fundraiser for about three more weeks. 

“Each month, we have a focus on a [medical] topic,” vice president Arjun Jaana said. “[In February,] we had a cardiologist come in via Zoom and speak with us. We also have activities for the students to do; for example, [we were able to] borrow some CPR mannequins and have students practice CPR hands-on. Through that, [members] were able to gain experience and vital skills. The fundraiser is an extension of that because it helps children get the treatment they deserve while also spreading awareness.”

Sophomore Sofia Salas said she has gained more insight into what the medical field is like and enjoys the experience of helping people. 

“It is a fun club, and each month they go into a different field,” Salas said. “I was able to donate and make a good impact on those in need. [Joining the club] was a good way to gain more knowledge and help out the community.”

Jaiswal said he plans to expand Heart Club and include more opportunities for summer research, hospital rotations and fundraisers such as a future blood drive. 

“While I love the technical aspect of things like science and chemistry, [biology] also has that reward aspect because you’re helping people,” Jaana said. “Every job helps people, but in [the healthcare field], you get the joy of seeing someone do what they couldn’t before. It makes me really happy to see that, and it’s something I’m passionate about.”