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About The Hawk Eye

The Hawk Eye is a student-produced newspaper which strives to represent the student voice.

We will aim to report all news relevant to Hebron High School and its student body without bias to race, religion or social creed. We will inform and entertain the Hebron High School community on current and/or important events and changes pertaining to the school community through accurate and factual reports, where information has been thoroughly gathered and verified through as many sources as possible. We will be accurate, fair and impartial in coverage of issues that affect the school community and will cover the total school population as effectively and accurately as possible (including various sports, clubs, classes and staff members).

All written works are produced by the journalism staff and should only be affiliated with the staff; they do not represent the views of the school as a whole.

All original materials are copyrighted. Some material, when noted, is courtesy of American Society of Editors/KRT campus high school newspaper service.

We encourage reader input via letters, guest columns and story ideas. Contact a staff member or fill out our contact form with any of these items. The editorial team reserves the right to edit letters for inappropriate content and space.

Questions or complaints concerning material published in the media should be made in writing to the editor-in-chief who will present the concern at the next scheduled staff meeting. Complaints, suggestions or coverage requests may be expressed in the contact form or dropped off in room 1315. 

The Hawk Eye is a member of Interscholastic League Press Conference, Texas Association of Journalism Educators, Association of Texas Photography Instructors and the Journalism Education Association.

Staff Policies (as of December 2022):


  1. The media will not publish any derogatory terms or phrases. 
  2. The media will not publish any signs/symbols that may be considered derogatory to HHS staff and students.
  3. The editors reserve the right to edit quotes for unnecessary profanity or unnecessarily offensive words; quotes that have been edited will be noted accordingly when published.


  1. The purpose of the opinion section is to provide journalism staff members with a voice to express their own opinions on issues the reporter deems relative and important to the publication’s audience.
  2. The opinion of a staff member does not reflect the opinion of the school or entire staff.
  3. Content chosen for opinion pieces will not be unreasonably explicit.
  4. Staff members have the right to express their opinions in a non-deragotory manner.
  5. Editorials reflect the staff opinion and may not reflect the views of the school administration.
  6. Guest columns can be submitted to the Hawk Eye and will be reviewed for publishing by the editorial board. 


  1. Potentially controversial topics will be deemed as such by the editorial board of each publication. 
  2. All sides of the issue will be presented and reviewed so as to refrain from any bias, with the exception of opinion pieces. 
  3. In news, all sides of a school, community, city, state, national or international political issue will be presented factually so as to inform rather than promote or endorse. 
  4. The media will cover controversial issues only if they are timely and/or the reporting of the story will impact students’ general wellbeing.
  5. The media will not cover controversial issues solely for the intention of defaming the school.


  1. In the print newspaper, corrections will not be made after publishing unless the mistake defames or harms an individual(s).
  2. The newspaper will strive to correct mistakes as soon as possible on the website. 
  3. If corrections are made on the website, it will be noted accordingly at the bottom of the story post.