Senior Mackenzie Boyd shows off her most difficult crochet creation standing outside Hebron High School. After many attempts, she is now ready to sell it.
Senior Mackenzie Boyd shows off her most difficult crochet creation standing outside Hebron High School. After many attempts, she is now ready to sell it.
Andrew John

Crochet and cash

Senior starts crochet business

Senior Mackenzie Boyd said she has always loved crocheting.

That love was cultivated by her grandmother, who would teach her different methods as a child. Now, as a senior, she sells her products to anyone interested.

“I felt that I could do more with my crocheting,” Boyd said. “My grandma told me about small businesses and it really interested me. Doing what you love and getting paid for it sounds like a great deal.”

Along with her crocheting business, MadeByMackB, Boyd balances her other extracurriculars, color guard and choir, as well. However, to facilitate time for her business, she decided to leave color guard earlier this year.

“I admire how much [Mackenzie] can take on,” senior Charlotte Scott said. “She has a large family and [helps] take care of them, even with… choir and crocheting. It’s just incredible to see her handle all of the responsibilities.”

Though Boyd’s craft is not common among her generation, she has found a way to fit it to her generation. To her, it can be used for more than just the common items, such as hats and shawls. 

“Although crochet is a pretty traditional craft, it can easily be made into modern crafts,” Boyd said. “The most important thing is that I am not using crochet to make clothes and blankets. I can, but I prefer making animals and hats.” 

Boyd’s friends said that despite her busy schedule, she still got everything done and all of her orders finished.

“[Mackenzie] is so dedicated to her work,” junior Athena Miller said. “One time during summer, when she was still in color guard, I asked her if she could make a book cover. She made it really fast, even though she had to wake up before the sun rose for color guard. It’s just awesome that she is so [passionate].” 

Since starting her business, Boyd has learned many new skills about crocheting. Though she said she isn’t planning on crocheting as a full time job, she still plans to sell her creations during college as a psychology major.

“Although crocheting is great, I really want to major in psychology,” Boyd said. “Both are definitely things I am passionate about, [but psychology] is just better for me because I’m great at talking to people and giving advice.” 

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