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English teacher Kimberly Nickerson aids a student in finding a book for Sustained Silent Reading (SSR). The students have SSR time almost everyday to sharpen their understanding and reading skills.

Teacher Tea: Nickerson

Mia Nguyen, Reporter
January 9, 2020
World history teacher and football coach always makes time for family.

Teacher tea: Coach Hill

Leila Olukoga, Reporter
December 11, 2019
English 3 teacher Megan Stinson grins while working on her laptop.

Teacher Tea: Megan Stinson

Leila Olukoga, Reporter
September 23, 2019
History teacher, Chad Prock poses in front of his classroom during his conference period.

Teacher Tea: Chad Prock

Rija Waqar, Reporter
May 18, 2019
Smith works on his computer during block lunch to finalize lesson plans for his fourth period

Teacher Tea – Mr. Smith

Sydney Shinkle, Reporter
December 18, 2018
English teacher Nicole Perkins reads at her desk before school hours. Despite living a self-appointed ‘crazy, but in a sad way’ life, Perkins consistently has a smile on her face and a witty remark on her tongue during her class periods. “At the end of the day, we’re all learning, and sometimes that’s all you can ask for,” Perkins said.

Teacher Tea – Ms. Perkins

Kate Haas, Reporter
September 19, 2018
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