StuCo to hold Senior Sunrise Aug. 30


Photo by Malley O'Carroll

Student Council senior officer Kaitlyn Hoang and President Paige Zagumny paint a poster to promote Senior Sunrise during their third period student council class. Zagumny and the other officers spend their class period organizing, preparing and advertising school events.

Senior Sunrise will be held on Monday at 6:30 a.m. in the senior parking lot to watch the sunrise and open up the year.
“[The sunrise] celebrates the seniors and the fact that it’s their last year in high school and that they’ve come so far,” Student Council president Paige Zagumny said. “It’s sad because it’s your last year of high school, but it’s a fun thing to do.”

Due to COVID-19, Student Council has encouraged attendees to wear masks and has asked that everyone stay in or near the car they came in while attending the event. The officers have also recommended people carpool to ensure there is enough space for everyone.
“This is a good year to start [the sunrise] because we just haven’t seen each other in a long time,” Student Council sponsor Jennifer Russell said. “The goal is to get together and go over all the things seniors are going to do this year.”

Usually, Senior Sunrise is held during the first week of school, but because of COVID-19 and unpredictable restrictions, Student Council was not able to get together to plan the sunrise during the summer. Therefore, the event was pushed back to the week of the first pep rally and kindness week. The sunrise will have music and photo opportunities, so students can bring a camera and smile.
“I am looking forward to having the first event in a long time where everyone is able to hang out and have a really fun time together,” Zagumny said.