Football wins last home game against Plano West


Kate Knauff

Running back Brian Nwokike runs the ball for a first down during the fourth quarter against Plano West on Oct. 29.

Although the student section was only a little more than half full, spirits were high among the players who won their last home game against Plano West 47-35 on Oct. 29.
“It’s kind of bittersweet because this has been our last home game this year,” linebacker Carter Brock said. “It’s awesome to come out with a dub.”

Hebron won the coin toss and started the game on offense, but fumbled on the first play, which was recovered by Plano West. The Wildcats t scored a touchdown less than one minute into the game, taking a 7-0 lead.
The Hawks started their next drive with an incomplete pass by quarterback Jacob Buniff, and a run by running back Fred Ware that was called back due to a ten yard penalty. Buniff then completed a long 42-yard pass to wide receiver Koda Bridges for a touchdown, but their attempt at an extra-point was no good, leaving Plano West with a 7-6 lead in the first half of the quarter.
After a few quick possessions for both teams, Plano West was able to push past the Hawks’ defense and score another touchdown and extra point. With less than two minutes left in the first quarter, the Hawks were trailing 14-6.
“[I think we can learn] just to not get caught up in the moment and think about the long term,” defensive line Joe Onuwabahgbe said. ”[We can] think about where we are in the game, keeping our head better and just playing smarter.”

Hebron’s offense started the second quarter with another stalled drive. After a fumbled snap by Plano West was returned in the endzone, though, the Hawks were able to gain six points but their two-point conversion attempt was intercepted, bringing the score to 14-12. Before the end of the half, both teams traded touchdowns, including one from running back Lane Haworth, and the score at halftime was 21-19 with Plano West in the lead.
“[My highlight of the game] has got to be that touchdown,” running back Lane Haworth said. “The blocking was good and then I just hit it outside and scored.”

Within the first minute of the third quarter, Plano West was able to run a touchdown and gain an extra point, putting them further in the lead at 28-19. The Hawks responded quickly with Ware able to run a 51-yard touchdown, allowing Hebron to catch up with a score of 26-28. Because of a massive loss of yardage due to a fumble, Plano West was forced to punt the ball back to Hebron. With about four minutes left in the third quarter, wide receiver Cobye Baldwin was able to catch another touchdown, putting Hebron in the lead for the first time of the game, 33-28. Hebron’s defense was able to keep Plano West from gaining any first downs or points with a sack, resulting in a loss of yards for Plano.
“It feels great to leave this place on a high note, but it is kind of sad at the same time because all of the seniors knew it was their last time being out here with the fans,” running back senior Lane Haworth said.

Hebron started the fourth quarter with a first down run by Ware, followed by a touchdown carried by Haworth, bringing the Hawks’ lead up to 40-28.
During Plano West’s drive, followed by a few incomplete passes, linebacker Carson Dean caught an interception and ran it for another touchdown. Hebron increased the lead 47-28 with a little more than six minutes left in the game.
“I didn’t know what to think [after scoring],” Dean said. “I mean everyone says that I can’t catch, but he threw it right at me and I took it to the house. It’s a great feeling.”
After converting a fourth down attempt, Plano West was able to score a late touchdown. The Hawks weren’t able to score any more points in the last few minutes of the game, and won with a score of 47-35.

The Hawks will play their final regular season game against Lewisville on Friday and have secured a spot in playoffs.
“In playoffs, we are just trying to take it one game at a time,” Onuwabhagbe said. “ [We] really just [need to] slow it down and focus on our plays. [We want to] be firing on all cylinders, just putting a full game together.”