“An Enchanted Forest” announced as prom theme


Kate Knauff

The prom committee reviews photo booth options during an afterschool meeting held in English teacher Jeanny Haneline’s classroom on Feb. 9 . In previous years, prom has had a photo flipbook station to commemorate the event, but due to overbooking this year, the photo booth options have changed. “I know our photo vendor is changing this year, so I know we are able to put in a very different photography experience for students that is going to be even better,” family consumer science teacher Jamie Leonard said.

The prom committee announced the dance’s theme, “An Enchanted Forest,” on Jan. 31.
“I [saw the theme] on TikTok during last year’s prom season, and I thought it was a nice change from last year’s ‘morp,’” prom committee member Paige Zagumny said.
The dance will be held April 23 on the top four floors of the Perot Museum, and the entire museum will be open to students for viewing.
“This year’s prom will be different from last year’s morp because there will be a more formal version of this dance that a lot of upperclassmen will be able to enjoy as their last hurrah,” Zagumny said.
Tickets will cost $75 and will be on sale after spring break. They will be sold online and there will be no tickets sold at the door.
“You want to put the perfect exclamation point to the end of this sentence, and prom is the best way to do it,” family consumer science teacher Jamie Leonard said. “$75 may be a high ticket price, but it compares in no way to the amount of memories you will take away from that night.”
Information about prom king and queen will go out through advisory after spring break as well, and voting will be done through the ticket website. The prom king and queen cannot be the same two people who were named homecoming king and queen.
“I enjoy that we are getting to put together a more normalized version of the prom,” Zagumny said. “I also look forward to hanging out in Dallas for a night of enchantment.”
English teacher Jeanny Haneline has been the prom committee sponsor since she started at Hebron nine years ago. Next school year, she will pass the position onto Leonard.
“I [look forward to] just getting to know more of the students because you get to branch out and meet other people, and really be the one who can help make your ultimate high school experience be the way you want it to be,” Leonard said.
The prom committee has been planning the event every week since November. They have been organizing everything from photos to food and will be posting updates on the Hebron Prom 2022 website.
“This year, we are going back to more of that traditional, ultimate high school experience everyone looks forward to as one of the last things you do as a high school student,” Leonard said. “[We] will definitely be going back to that with the great dance floor and the DJ. We’re trying to make sure that you have this as the capstone to what has been a really weird four years in your life.”