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Going to the “GUTS World Tour” is never a “bad idea right?”

Saahir Mawani
My friends (left and right) and I (middle) pose at the tour buses for the “GUTS World Tour” outside American Airlines Center on March 1. This was Rodrigo’s third show on the tour, following shows in Palm Springs, California and Phoenix, Arizona.

Whether it be the hit Disney show “Bizaardvark” or her record-breaking first album “SOUR,” I have found myself constantly following the work of Olivia Rodrigo. Despite this being her sophomore album, I developed an immense connection to “GUTS,” and relating Rodrigo’s various lyrics to parts of my life. 

So, 12 days before my birthday, when Rodrigo announced her “GUTS World Tour” on Sept. 13, 2023, I was granted permission to go to the show with two of my closest friends. 

Best. Birthday. Gift. Ever. 



Since our show was only the third stop in the entire tour, I went into it blind. I had a general idea of the songs that would be played, considering Rodrigo only has two albums and a handful of singles from “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.” Though I had no idea of the order of tracks, I was in luck, as I could confidently sing her songs from memory. 


While I waited for the countdown to end, I predicted the opening scene before the concert began: Rodrigo knocking on a door, and whispering “hey,” reminiscent of the intro to “bad idea right?” I was gladly proven right, leading to a very loud screech emitting from my mouth. This song was not a shock, as I had it narrowed down to a few options that seemed fitting for an opening track. This song has developed a moment reminiscent of Beyonce’s “mute challenge,” during the lyrics “now I’m getting in the car rocking all my plans I know I should stop,” with the audience being prompted to stay quiet until the music is resumed.

Rodrigo sits atop a LED light moon, levitating in the air whilst moving around the stadium. At this point, the pop star led the crowd in singing “Happy Birthday” to a specific member in the audience.

My favorite set in the show had to be “pretty isn’t pretty/love is embarrassing/making the bed” as it was a sequential performance of my top three songs off of “GUTS.” The subtle gradient of angsty teenage emotions to an emotional power ballad was a perfect representation of both my emotions and the album as a whole. 


The song that came as the biggest shock to me was “Obsessed,” an unreleased track. Despite not being part of Rodrigo’s official discography, hearing the entire stadium knowing the words to the chorus was electrifying. 



The show was split up into four different quadrants; one outfit spanned about five songs. None of the outfits are thematically consistent, ranging from tights and Dr. Martens to leotards and sparkles. 


The show opened with my favorite outfit: a silvery iridescent two piece with fishnet stockings. This was an amazing opening outfit, blending the flashy sparkles of the Cullen “Vampires” and the angst of the album sonically. Created with custom Swarovski crystals, the set has over 150,000 crystals                                                            embedded. 


For the next set, Rodrigo dons a black, sequin top with high-waisted shorts over the same tights. This, alongside the chain link mini dress thrown on top, is a jarring juxtaposition of Rodrigo to her dancers, donned in light-pink pieces. While I appreciated the look on its own, its contrast is far too extreme for my liking. 


Representative of the “punk” side of the album, Rodrigo’s ruby red one-piece stole the show, standing out against her angular purple guitar. Donned while performing the pop-punk set of her show, the outfit truly shone while the show was going on.


The final outfit of the show was a Gen Z signature: crop top and shorts. The 21-year-old singer has debuted a new top at every show, and at the March 1 show, she wore a shirt saying “I kiss better than I cook.” I enjoyed seeing a darker glitter than her opening outfit, signifying the artist’s growth. 

Rodrigo performs “get him back!” as the final track in the show’s setlist. On stage, she is surrounded by her bandmates, backup singers and dancers.

Overall experience

A particular memory that stood out  has to be the many fan projects organized in this concert. One particular fan posted a video on TikTok, showing goody bags created to hand out to fans. I was one of the lucky people to receive the bag. This shows how caring the fans are and reminds me of how lucky I am to be a part of the fandom. 


This tour was truly amazing. While it can not compare to the Broadway-like spectacle of the “Era’s Tour,” it would be unfair of me to compare a two-album artist to an eleven-album artist. Rodrigo has done an excellent job capitalizing on her success and fostering it into a loving community. By the end of the show, I had no “SOUR” taste in my mouth, despite having screamed my “GUTS” out. 


In my very “logical” opinion, I think you should live out your “teenage dream” and go to the “GUTS World Tour,” because it truly can not be a “bad idea right?”

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About the Contributor
Saahir Mawani
Saahir Mawani, Design Editor
Junior Saahir Mawani is the design editor and this is his second year on staff. In his free time, he loves editing YouTube videos, reading and watching the “Eras Tour” TikToks.

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