Odd Hobbies


Caryn Corliss

Sanobar Chagani, Staff Writer

Clicks of a shutter and strokes of a brush contrive some hobbies that have left students hooked:

Bailey Cameron: Make-up Artist

“I’m going to school to get my cosmetology license first, and I will probably start out just doing hair, but I’ll eventually get up to make-up artist.”

“[I want] for people to do something different,” Cameron said. “There is nothing wrong with doing something different.”

Dusty Beene: Short film creator

“I love to write, I love to draw, I love to write music, and making movies combines all of those arts,” Beene said.

“Don’t expect your first couple of films to come out looking pretty,” Beene said. “No matter how many times you feel like you fail, you have to keep going.”

Julian Haywood: Comic strip artist

“I found out there was an online [website] where you could upload art,” Haywood said. “Enter more competitions to get your name out there.”

Kyler Terry: Soccer Referee for the Carrollton Farmers Branch Soccer Association

I have to make calls and tell them [the kids] what they did wrong,” Terry said. “It’s a learning experience for everyone.”

“Helping out kids is my favorite part,” Terry said.