Don’t Get Us Started: April 2014


Sam Boyd and Farhan Ahmad

  • The school restrooms. Your one-stop-shop for swastikas and drug deals
  • Celebrities who marry other celebrities. Hey, save some attractive people for us!
  • When your boss watches over your shoulder. Are my armpits usually this sweaty?
  • Teachers who don’t care because you don’t. Wait, aren’t you supposed to inspire us?
  • When your favorite athlete switches teams. Not pointing any fingers, Demarcus Ware, but you really pulled a LeBron there.
  • When people get haircuts on the same day. Did we not get the memo?
  • People who use excessive hastags. #hashtag #arewedoingitright #?
  • March Madness. May the odds be (n)ever in your favor.
  • Baseball. Some people say it’s a true American sport. We say it’s a reason to go outside and eat a hot dog.
  • Chick-Fil-A and Starbucks. The key to basically any Hebron girl’s heart.
  • Old People. Why are they so nice? They make us want to be better people.
  • Being accepted to college. Aaaaand our motivation has dropped to zero.
  • Teachers who don’t care because you don’t. We’re glad that you are on the same page as us. So no homework for the semester sounds about right, correct?
  • AMC. From The Walking Dead to Breaking Bad, this channel knows quality TV. Take note, FOX.