Words of Wisdom: Millhouse edition


AP World History teacher Jeremy Millhouse gives his lecture about trade networks at a loud volume to half asleep students. His current students warn future students of a rigorous, yet loud and humorous, teaching style. Many underclassmen can agree that Millhouse is the most difficult teacher, but his humor provides entertainment amidst boring topics. Millhouse’s witty teaching style is one to be experienced and is full of priceless tips to students.

After spending a semester in his class, I have witnessed Millhouse’s famous tips, most of which do not pertain to history. His tips are priceless and give future students laughable moments to look forward to.

Life Tips:

1. To survive college, all you have to do is go to class!

2. In car racing, bet on the car that sounds the best, not looks the best.

3. When you’re in East Texas, they have a whole new language. Suddenly “barbed wire” turns into “barbware.”

4. Do not look up the Japanese fertility festival!

5. Do not take notes on your iPad-you will get distracted. If you have at least an “A” in the class, then you can do whatever you want, until then, no iPad. An old-fashioned notebook will work just fine for notes.

6. Rich, white women are only good for lying around doing nothing.

7. You can change the world … if you are under 30.

8. When you start dating, start from the bottom and work your way up.

9. Find a rich friend in college so that there is always someone to bail you out.

Tips for upcoming sophomores to survive Millhouse:

1. Go to tutorials – he gives answers not discussed in class.

2. Study for the test – they are known for being hard, but effective studying methods will help you conquer them.

3. Work hard on projects – he is a hard grader and projects are major grades

4. Read in advance – staying up all night reading will not improve reading quiz scores.

5. Fill out his reading guides – Millhouse will only ask questions on the reading guide, so filling it out will make your grades soar.

6. Take notes – Students who take notes remember the information better than students simply listening to his lecture because the act of writing notes helps students remember information better.

7. Ask questions – Millhouse doesn’t want his students to fail and sitting confused will not help you bring home an aced test.

8. Form study groups – study groups are a great way to share information but making groups with friends will only lead to side conversations, and knowing Becky’s plans for Friday won’t help you pass the class.

9. Utilize his website – Millhouse’s “Teaching Insanity” website has reading guides, powerpoints and study tools that help significantly, so bookmark it and make his website the most visited page on your computer.

10. Don’t procrastinate – study for the AP test in advance so you are not going through an entire semester’s worth of information the night before the big test, you need your beauty sleep