Do this, not that: Homecoming edition



  • Be sure to get your dress ahead of time. Stores have great sales around homecoming season, so there should be no reason for you to sit around and wait until the last minute.
  • Use the app Prom Guide when looking for dresses or tuxedos. Different categories should appear by clicking the one that you like and best works for you.
  •  If you plan on doing something before or after homecoming then you should definitely make reservations ahead of time. Most fancy restaurants require you to make reservations ahead of time.
  • Take advantage of group rates. The more people you have in your group the cheaper things will be.
  • Be sure to have a backup plan. If you plan on riding with someone, have a backup driver.


  • Spend a lot of money on one dress. You mostly likely are never going to wear it again so don’t waste the money.
  • Commit to something you know you can’t do. If you aren’t sure if you can go to homecoming or not then let the people you might be going with know.
  • Wait until the last moment to buy your ticket. They are twice expensive at the door.
  • Forget to bring extra money. You never know what your friends may plan to do after the dance. So be prepared!
  • Pay to get your makeup done. You can do it yourself and save money.