Don’t Get Us Started: January 2015


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  • Waiting on block lunch. How long does it take to “order furniture”.
  • When the teacher doesn’t erase the board all the way. #OCD.
  • People who tweet song lyrics. Are you actually dead inside or are you just making me feel that way?
  • When your dream school is someone else’s fall back school. Someone’s standards have to change.
  • Cold classrooms. Not going to keep me anymore interested.
  • When guys feel the need to only walk in straight-line fashion. Excuse me, I’m walking here.
  • The oddly warm bathrooms. Not only am I uncomfortable, I’m breaking a sweat.

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  • Bromances. Guys who can show affection to each other without saying “no homo”? Absolutely adorable.
  • Finding the answers to the homework on Google. Lazy students, unite!
  • Taking the perfect selfie. 300 pictures later, it’s totally worth the “likes.”
  • When you have a “good face.” I have to admit, my eyebrows are on fleek.
  • The sweet victory that is karma. Hey, they deserved it.
  • When the cafeteria actually smells good. Greasy cheese, here we come.
  • When your favorite show is added to Netflix. Guess I won’t be sleeping for a while.