Don’t Get Us Started: April 2015


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  • People who stick their feet all the way under your desk. My desk is my space.
  • When you stay up all night finishing a project, only for the deadline to be pushed back. That’s just the sound of my insides crying.
  • People who think it’s OK to “try on” your glasses. No, I truly can’t see how many fingers you’re holding up.
  • The icebox that is Hebron. If it’s colder inside than it is in my refrigerator, there’s a problem.
  • Crazy restrictions on the LISD iPads. How am I suppose to use it if I can’t even use Google Images?
  • Spam. I’m not giving you any money, Nigerian Prince.
  • Liking a song and not knowing the title. Maybe if I hum it enough, someone will help me.

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  • Peanut butter and chocolate. Oh, I can feel the diabetes now.
  • Not studying and getting a good grade. Hey, this justifies my procrastination.
  • Movie days in class. No work? No problem?
  • When you win an argument. Hear that? I’m shedding the world’s smallest tear for your loss.
  • Going home and being greeted by a pet. Probably the only time I’ll be greeted by adoring fans.
  • Prom. The pinnacle of our high school career.
  • Finally finishing a Netflix binge. On to the next one!