Music fills the hallways


Katia Ramirez (Harmonica):

Sophomore Katia Ramirez usually sits in the 1400 hallway with her friends, she brings something unique to the group: a harmonica.

“It sounds cool, people like it, and it’s a good use of my time,” Ramirez said.

She began to play after hearing the harmonica in the movie “Up” and the soundtrack “Merry Time.” From there, she has cultivated her talent.

Ramirez even made her own harmonica from scratch at a music store in Waco when she was about seven and primarily plays pop music by matching the sounds of her harmonica with the sounds of the song – no sheet music required.

“Since I usually play at school, [pop music] is something everyone recognizes,” Ramirez said. “That’s why I like playing it.”

She tries to practice about 30 minutes to an hour a day and is also involved in Silver Wings and theater. She wants to pursue playing the harmonica as a hobby throughout her life.

Katia plays Hit the Quan by iHeart Memphis


Amy John (Ukulele):

Sophomore Amy John went on a cruise to Mexico last summer. During her time in the markets, she found a ukelele.

“I went to a shop and saw these beautiful ukuleles,” John said. “When I came home, I went to Music and Arts and bought my own.”

John and her group of friends walk around the hallways of the main campus, sharing her ukulele talent, but call the 1500 hallway their home base.

“The ukulele is not just for me to enjoy and I’m starting with my friends,” John said. “That’s why I play in the hallway.”

She plays anything, as long as it isn’t too difficult for her current level of skill but favors slow songs, like “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas.

“I remember this one time when this guy came out of a class and told me to shut up,” John said. “But of course, I didn’t. It’s a free country.”

John also enjoys playing her violin in the school orchestra and is interested in learning how to play the acoustic guitar.

Amy plays Silhouette, a soundtrack from the Naruto anime.


Those Guys (Guitars):

United by music, a group of sophomores sit near Ellery Smith’s room in the 2100 hallway.

“I got a guitar for Christmas one year unexpectedly when I was about seven, and I just decided to pick up the skill and start playing,” Weston Taylor said.

Some write their own music, in genres ranging from metal to country.

“[Writing music] is really based on how I feel,” Solomon Sanchez said. “If I’m feeling angry it turns out more hardcore. If I’m feeling positive, it sounds more soft.”

Inspiration for all of their passions for music began at a young age and most play multiple instruments.

“My dad is a musician and the guitar is his main instrument so I just decided to learn how [to play] after I finished learning the piano,” David Gonzalez said. “I also play the bassoon.”

Everyone in the group, except Solomon, plans to pursue playing the guitar as just a hobby.

“I want to be bigger than Guns and Roses,” Sanchez said. “My dad has been helping me with record deals and it’s been going well so far.”

The group stays in the 2100 hallway and people stop by to enjoy the vibe.

“It gives us extra practice time and other people enjoy it,” Alec Rodriguez said.