Encore theater to perform “The Farnsworth Invention”


For this year’s fall show, Encore will be performing, “The Farnsworth Invention” on Nov. 3, 4, and 5.  The play will be performed in the auditorium. Adult tickets cost $10, and student tickets cost $5.

Encore has been rehearsing since the end of September and head theater director Ryan Heitzman said Encore has been working non-stop.

“It’s a very complicated show; the entire show is a power struggle that’s supposed to show both the positive and negatives of both the main characters,” senior Bailey Ray, who will be playing the part of David Sarnoff said. “Who’s the villain and who’s the protagonist is really up to the audience.The show has a really good balance, it gives off a really good sense of seriousness and serious emotions, but at the same time there are funny moments full of love and laughter.”

According to senior Sean Ghedi, who will be playing Philo Farnsworth, what sets this show apart from the other performances is audience and actor interaction.

“This fight between who invented television impacts everyone’s character and how it changes the way they act is my favorite thing about the show,” senior Sean Ghedi said. “The most difficult or challenging thing in my opinion is memorizing the lines, because they’re all very long and scientific.”