“Pitch Perfect 3” ends trilogy on high note


Provided by darkhorizons.com

After watching the first two movies in the series, I knew I had to watch “Pitch Perfect 3.”  I have grown attached to the Barden Bellas (Beca Mitchell, Fat Amy, Lily Onakuramana and Chloe Beale) and their many acapella songs. Despite wanting to watch the last movie of the trilogy, my expectations for the movie were not that high because the sequel didn’t compare to the first movie. My expectations were wrong as “Pitch Perfect 3” turned out better than the other two movies and ended the series on a high note.

“Pitch Perfect 3,” which includes the same group of girls and Emily June, who was introduced in the sequel, revolves around the reunion of the Bellas. Following the Bellas’ win at the World Championship, the girls find themselves splitting apart and struggling to find successful jobs as acappella singers. When they receive an opportunity to reunite at the United Service Organizations tour, the Bellas decide to take the offer as a chance to overcome their struggles and possibly compete for the last time.

The main goal for the Bellas is to win the competition against other groups and receive the once-in-a-lifetime chance to go on tour with DJ Khaled. While facing tough competition against the other groups, I appreciated seeing the Bellas reconnect and bond. The movie was nostalgic because the plot brought back the old relationships. While the movie had heartwarming moments, there were also hilarious ones. I remember laughing out loud and hearing most of the audience in the theater laughing at the Bellas’ witty, sarcastic jokes and specifically at Fat Amy. Also, I found the music more intricate because of a new twist on the Bellas’ harmonies and the wider range of songs the girls performed in comparison to the music in the previous movies.

Along with the music and comedy, I enjoyed seeing more of Beca. In the sequel, Beca had a smaller role and I was disappointed because she was my favorite character. I was thrilled to see her character develop in “Pitch Perfect 3.” Also, I loved the introduction of DJ Khaled in the movie. Since he’s one of my favorite artists, it was interesting to see him in a different role, acting. The movie executed the development of all the Bellas perfectly and I thought every character ended up in the right spot.

Overall, “Pitch Perfect 3” is an impressive movie in the way it brings back old characters in a new setting by using humor and music. This movie is for viewers looking for a quality conclusion to the series. Whether you have watched all three movies or not, “Pitch Perfect 3” will still make you want to sing and dance even more.