Hebron has definitely got talent

Hebron and feeder schools come to share talents


Photo by Leila Olukoga

Freshman Lindsey Lehmberg performs “Stone Cold” at dress rehearsals.

The school held its seventh annual “Hebron’s Got Talent” on Feb. 9, featuring acts performed by 18 students from Hebron and feeder schools. This year’s show, beyond a doubt, impressed everyone in the audience.

Here are some performances that stood out to me:

To kick off the show, Hebron senior Berkley Coscia depicted an astounding performance of “Butterfly Fly Away.” Her indescribable sound contrasted so beautifully with her stunning skills on the guitar. The audience was left in awe as she finished off her performance with her vocals.

Directly after Coscia was Tom Hicks Elementary fourth-grader Layla Deahl, with an unprecedented dance performance to “7 rings” by Ariana Grande. This act was very impressive and unique because her confidence and independence displayed throughout her performance. Deahl danced with a lot of energy and passion while on stage, and you could easily tell that she was enjoying her time in the spotlight.

A few acts later, freshman Lindsey Lehmberg performed a beautiful cover of Demi Lovato’s “Stone Cold.” This rendition of Lovato’s song really stood out to me because of the passion and melodious flow Lehmberg brought to the show. With stunning vocals and facial expressions, Lehmberg successfully inflicted the audience with many emotions.

Following Lehmberg, Hebron Valley Elementary fifth-grader Vihaan Pol shocked the crowd with his brilliance and charisma. Pol brought three judges to the stage to assist him in displaying his card tricks. After presenting his inexpressible talent, the crowd was left with unanswered questions and shocked expressions.

Lastly, freshman GianCarlo Lay, junior Bobby Payne, and junior Jacorey Barnett, also known as WeR3 performed one of the most intriguing and fascinating acts of the night. All three members of the group are a part of Hebron’s own DFC (Dance For a Cause). WeR3 danced with a rhythm and pride that left me in a state of astonishment and disbelief. The performance was enthralling and uncanny because of the ineffable dance moves of the students on stage. Nonetheless, the act had many in the audience with flabbergasted expressions.

Overall, “Hebron’s Got Talent” displayed many acts of courage, sentiment and expertise within the students of LISD.