Tuning in with Leila: Offset’s musical memoir


Illustration by Yasmin Haq

Offset’s debut solo album, “FATHER OF 4,” released on Feb. 22, has been highly anticipated by fans. Following the release of band member Quavo’s debut album, Offset decided to come back even stronger and provide an album filled with personal tellings of his life.

The 60-minute album starts off with “Father of 4,” a song composed of heartfelt lyrics and fascinating beats. Featuring a rap by Big Rube, the song describes Offset’s sorrow and want for forgiveness from his children who he had abandoned. I especially liked the song because of the way he addressed each one of his children and gave them their own separate apology.

“How Did I Get Here” follows, featuring a rap by J.Cole, contrasting the preceding raps and vocals of both artists. The track is about the perseverance and dedication it took for both artists to get to where they’re at today. Offset expresses the rough times, exciting discoveries, and memorable experiences that came with joining the music industry. This song really hit home for me because I’m all about working hard for everything you want to achieve and enjoying every  part of a hard experience.

A few songs later, “Made Men” gives off an adventurous, audacious vibe. This song is about Offset’s history as a rapper and the adventures he underwent to get to his current place. The men addressed in the song’s title are his cousins Quavo and Takeoff, who are also a part of the hip-hop group Migos. It expresses his want for people to perceive him in a different light and understand that his music has a different meaning other than materialism.

Later in the album, “Legacy,” featuring rappers Travis Scott and 21 Savage, switches up the previous message of the album. This song changes the perception of the album from grievance and determination to materialism and masculinity. It is the only song that seems out of place, talking about how money has been the foundation of his success but isn’t his main focus of his career. The electronic and compelling beats match the theme of the album, but the lyrics give off a different aspect of the album.

Directly after, “Clout,” continues the previous song’s message. Featuring a rap by Cardi B, the song expresses their want for preeminence among the younger generations and the music industry. The phrase “do anything for clout, they do anything for clout” is repeated throughout the songs entirety, symbolizing the upcoming generation’s want for recognition and authority.

“Quarter Milli” is the most materialistic song of the album. Offset, along with rapper Gucci Mane, express the advantages of being rappers with net worths above $10 million. The two have collaborated many times before, and always seem to rap about the same thing: money. Although the lyrics are a little derogatory and discouraging, the vibes and beats of the song are  lively and hypnotic.

“Red Room” and “Came a Long Way” end the album flowing right into each other, both bringing back the previous message from the beginning of the album and influencing fans to always be unique.

Overall, “FATHER OF 4” combines both reminiscence and hopefulness throughout its entirety and has taught me to always stay determined to achieve any goal I have my eyes on.