Tuning in with Leila: Lit on fire


Illustration by Yasmin Haq

After months of music deprivation, Tobi Lou released his second album “Live on Ice” on Aug.2.

The 77-minute album kicks off with “100 Degrees,” a song composed of contradictions and enticing beats. He consistently raps about being a “hunnid degrees” and “too hot to handle,” contradicting the title of the album and showcasing his unique style. He also raps about how he grows off of people’s hatred and negativity toward him. This song is a feel good, upbeat song that introduces new listeners to who Tobi Lou really is. 

“Waterboy” follows, adhering to the message of the previous track. The song has a catchy beat and a chorus that will be sure to get you up off your butt to dance. Lou expresses his self confidence and tunes out his haters.

A few songs later, my personal favorite,“Delete My # Baby” gives off an independent vibe. Lou raps about removing toxicity from his life by having his ex-girlfriends remove him from their phones. It expresses his desire to flourish as an artist and as a person.  I love this song because of the redundant phrase “lose my number and his vocals.”

Later in the album is the song “Looped Up” featuring Vernon — a singer from the K-pop group SEVENTEEN. I can tell this song meant a lot to Lou because of his love for Vernon and the band. This song was composed of hypnotic beats and Korean verses that I found enticing. The song gives you “lost in space” vibes that make you feel stress-free and powerful. 

“Crying in the Club” has a somber beginning, but continues with the feel-good, positive vibes of the album. However, in my opinion, this song is the least upbeat and the most emotional out of the whole album. He raps about starting a life with his significant other and raising their child the way his father raised him. 

Lastly, “17cg” starts off with SEVENTEEN’s “Holiday” to further emphasize Lou’s love for the K-pop band. This was a great song to end with because of Lou’s final lyrics “I like my ice, no igloo” which tied back to the original title of the album. This gives off a feeling of closure and conclusion.

Although Lou gained most of his fame and popularity through his singles and EP’s, “Live on Ice” had received many positive reviews and expanded his fanbase. This album delivers exotic sounds with confidence-boosting messages that I think everyone needs to hear.