The angels are back


photo via Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures

After 20 years of waiting, on Nov. 15 “Charlie’s Angels”  came out better-than-ever in true 2019 fashion. Director Elizabeth Banks, who also plays a big role in the movie, reveals secrets that were never mentioned in previous films. I have been waiting for this film to come out ever since the trailer was released, and I was beyond excited for everything including the soundtrack, actors, action and comedy. I was ready for the angels to come back in action. 

The basic theme of the movie remains the same – three women are a part of the private organization, Townsend Agency, owned by the mysterious figure known by the name of Charlie, who is only ever heard through the speakerphone. One of the main characters, from all the previous movies and series, John Bosley, retired from his position in the updated “Charlie’s Angels,” creating an international team of ‘Bosleys’’ all over the world. The most compelling thing about this film is that the new Charlie was a woman the whole time. Original angel from the 1976 “Charlie’s Angels” series, Kelly Garret (played by Jaclyn Smith), was using a voice changer to communicate with all the Bosleys’, making us think Charlie was a man the entire time, but it was actually her. I was shocked to see an enormous amount of female empowerment portrayed in the film. It was thrilling to see that the majority of the film was surrounded by women. 

The opening sequence of the film was so empowering that it almost forced me to jump out of my seat to start cheering the angels on. I was expecting to be slowly released into the world of Charlie’s Angels, but the film went straight to the point. The entrance set the scene for what life is like for angels around the world. After an amazing entrance, my expectations were set high for the rest of the movie, and I am glad to say those expectations were met. Banks’ attempt to show that any woman in the world could be an angel was definitely accomplished with the unexpected cameos from stars like Hailee Steinfield, Lili Reinhart, Aly Raisman and Chloe Kim. 

The plot starts with angels Sabina Wilson (played by Kristen Stewart) and her partner Jane Kano (played by Ella Balinska) being assigned to take care of engineer Elena Houghlin (played by Naomi Scott) who has informed the angels about a new product called Calisto, a pocket-sized source of clean energy that can be used as a deadly weapon, and neither her boss or CEO is willing to help her out. It was clear to me that her boss knew what Calisto was capable of, leading me to think that he was going to make a profit off of it. Banks decided to add a twist to the plot by making the audience think her character, the Bosely on the case, was the anonymous buyer pretending to be on the angel’s side. Watching the film from the angel’s perspective, I was always following whoever the angels were following, thinking about the other possibilities, but I never expected anything that would happen next. I was constantly surprised with all the unexpected twists, and I was in shock to find out that all the predictions I made ended up being wrong. 

I loved every second of the one hour and 58 minute film. The comedy and action really blended well together, and the overall message was hard to miss. Society sometimes still tends to take women for granted, and “Charlie’s Angels” shows us when women are united they are unstoppable.