“All About” Monsta X’s new album


Photo from Starship Entertainment

Korean boy band Monsta X released its first all English album, “All About Luv,” on Feb. 14. This is the group’s sixth album, and features collaborations with American artists like Pitbull, French Montana, Steve Aoki and Will.I.Am. Despite being a long time fan of the group, I was skeptical of the album. It is very rare for a K-pop group to release an English album, especially since only one out of the six members speaks English fluently. But, after listening to the album, I am “all about” their American comeback. 

The band had their debut in 2015 under Starship Entertainment after competing in the reality survival show, “No Mercy.” Monsta X’s fan base continued to grow due to their frequent release of music, tours, and reality show appearances. Despite their success, the band and their fanbase have had a rough year after one of their members left the group due to rumors about drug use and financial issues. 

The main themes among the tracks are romance and heartbreak, staying true to the band’s original concepts. As always, the band uses the strong vocal performances of Kihyun, Shownu, Minhyuk, and Hyungwon, combined with rap from Jooheon and I.M. Even though the band itself has rappers, along with featured American rappers, the album was definitely focused on the vocals, and even incorporated the rappers’ singing. Unlike previous dance-oriented songs and performances, “All about Luv” focuses on catchy lyrics and melodies. 

The first track on the album is the band’s collaboration with rapper French Montana. “WHO DO YOU LOVE?” is a song that describes how love can turn into anxiety and jealousy. The catchy, heavily EDM (electronic dance music) based song is a great way to begin the album. 

Even though this album’s main concept is romance, it still maintains a realistic outlook on love, and many of the songs depict the struggles of being in a relationship. 

“MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT” is based on when your thoughts are consumed by the regrets you have when reminiscing about past relationships. This is probably the catchiest track of the album, and because the rappers have many singing lines, it showcases the versatility of the band.

Later in the album, “MISBEHAVE” is my favorite track and is a slow ballad differing from the rest of the album. The song has a sweet and soulful melody while portraying the toxicity of some relationships that can cause consequences between you and your partner. The lyrics are from the point of view of someone who knows their behavior isn’t good, but justifies their actions with the concept of love. 

I enjoyed the album a lot more than I previously thought. This album breaks language barriers while still staying true to the distinctive sound that Monsta X produces. K-pop’s popularity is growing in the United States, so this English album will expand Monsta X’s fan base. English-speaking fans have a lot to look forward to, especially since the band’s US tour will be starting Jun. 2.