Swift’s “folklore” is mystical and eerie

Taylor Swift surprised fans on Thursday morning when she announced the release of a new album, “folklore,” at midnight, along with a new music video. The album came out with little warning, includes a song featuring Bon Iver and is considered an alternative album. The album includes 16 songs plus a bonus song, “the lakes,” which can only be listened to on the “folklore” deluxe CDs, vinyls and cassettes.
Unlike Swift’s last album, “Lover,” which portrayed a more colorful and upbeat feel, “folklore” is more mysterious and earthy. Swift said in an Instagram caption that she poured her ‘whims, dreams, fears and musings’ into the songs, and you can hear that in the undertone of her tracks. Even the album cover, which features Swift standing alone in a foggy, dark forest displays a whimsical and eerie vibe.
In addition to 16 new isolation-inspired songs, Swift also released a music video she directed to one of the new songs, “cardigan.” Swift said the music video shoot was overseen by a medical inspector; everyone wore masks, stayed six feet apart and she did her own hair, makeup and styling in order to maintain social distancing. The video matches the entire album’s whimsical feeling. Swift climbs in and out of her piano drifting to places such as the ocean during a violent storm, a mossy, fairytale-like land and an old cabin.
My favorite song off of the new album has to be “invisible string” because of the thoughtful lyrics and melody. I love how the lyrics describe instances where an invisible string ties people to fate. She did an amazing job capturing the coincidence and mystery that fate portrays. She also sings about time and how it can cut you open and then heal you. This concept of time is so true and relatable because everyone says ‘time heals,’ but time is also limiting and allows relationships to expire.
While the album is much different than her others, I really enjoyed listening to Swift tell stories though her songs without all of the wild beat drops and chaos that is prevalent in pop music. This is the perfect album to keep me entertained during this pandemic.