“Enola Holmes” highlights ideas of social equality


Photo via Netflix

The newest Netflix Original movie “Enola Holmes” was released Sept. 23, becoming one of the top ten movies on Netflix. This movie is similar to the classic stories of Sherlock Holmes, but introduces a new female-driven plot from his sister’s point of view.

Based on the novel series by Nancy Springer, this movie takes you on the journey of Enola Holmes (Millie Bobby Brown) solving mysteries and trying to find her place in England. After her mother, Eudoria Holmes (Helena Bonham Carter), mysteriously disappears, Enola finds clues around her house that lead her to where her mother is. The clues take her to the city of London where she encounters Lord Tewksbury (Louis Partridge), taking her on another dangerous journey to rescue him and find her mom. 

I liked Enola’s relationship with her mother. During that time, women’s only purpose in society was to be a good wife, but Enola’s mother taught her how to fight, play sports and paint. This is why Enola and her mother had a special bond. They shared the idea of creating their own path, despite what others thought, and they were the only ones able to truly understand each other. However, when Enola first met her brothers, they were appalled at the way she behaved. One of her brothers, Mycroft (Sam Claflin), was angry with Enola and refused to treat her with respect. The other brother, Sherlock (Henry Cavill) is cold to Enola at first, but then sees his younger self in her and he develops a connection. 

I really hated seeing her brothers treat her awfully because she did not act decently in their eyes. After seeing how they treated her, I felt bad because the only person who accepted her was her mom. The only person she felt comfortable with left her alone. It was sad to see her abandoned because at first, she seemed a bit incomplete without her mom. Even though she was going through a difficult situation, her brothers continuously tore her down and it was upsetting to see.

This movie did an exceptional job of introducing feminism. Even though the setting is in the 19th century, we get to see a young, disobedient woman who is more interested in solving mysteries and exploring rather than looking for courtship. I admired how even though Enola couldn’t find her mom, and was sent away to a finishing school and pushed away by her brothers, she never let her feelings get the best of her, she continued to pursue her journey in finding her mom. No matter how much Enola was judged and reprimanded by her brother, she believed she could wear whatever she wanted, act however she liked and that there was more to life than becoming the perfect wife. Enola was the complete opposite of an ideal woman during that time, which is why I love her character. 

Overall, it was a great coming of age movie and it did a remarkable job of showing the fight for female liberation in a patriarchal civilization, while also including bits of comedy, adventure and mystery. I am looking forward to seeing a sequel and getting to see Enola solve yet another mystery.