Escape to Grandscape


Photo by Hailey Dirks

The Grandscape entrance, decorated for Halloween.

Where most of the student body is located, it’s common to have to drive to Legacy in Plano or The Star in Frisco in order to have a variety of shops, restaurants and activities. My longing for a fun getaway was exacerbated by being trapped in my house for months during COVID-19 lockdown. Once a few restrictions were lifted in late July, my mom and I stumbled upon Grandscape’s phase one opening and I was thrilled. Maybe it was due to the grandeur of Grandscape, or just because I hadn’t gone out much since April, but I loved the area. 

Once completed, Grandscape will be one of the largest and most unique mixed-use real estate developments in the country. The project will stretch across more than 400 acres and feature more than 3.9 million square feet of retail, entertainment, residential, dining and attractions. 

I have gone to Grandscape at least six times since August, and each time I discover something new. It truly has something for everyone; there are countless restaurants, shops, entertainment areas and even a movie theater — and it’s not even complete yet. The phase two plan includes even more restaurants, shops and apartments. It’s so big I’ve gotten lost a few times, so always keep the website’s interactive map handy.

Each time I visit, I always make a point to go to the stage at Grandscape. I have loved throwing a football and just relaxing on the turf field next to the stage. This outdoor area has also made it easy to social distance and enjoy the company of others. This is also the location that Grandscape hosts events like live music, movie nights, fitness classes and more. Last time I went, the weather was beautiful so my boyfriend and I watched a live country music band while sitting on the turf lawn. Of course, masks are required unless eating, drinking or social distancing outside.

Grandscape’s goal, according to president of Grandscape Jeff Lind, is to be different and to create a space that’s different from other lifestyle centers in the area and to give people reasons to keep coming back. I fully believe they have done just that and I will continue to go back. If you’re looking for an escape for a few hours or just looking for a good meal, Grandscape is the place to go.