Group Halloween Costume Ideas


With COVID-19 among us, dressing up may have been an afterthought for most people, but the excitement of Halloween costumes doesn’t have to be forgotten. When throwing a group costume together, embrace the precautions taken and incorporate masks into any of these costume ideas.


‘Grey’s Anatomy’ doctors

Here’s a creative way to incorporate masks into a costume. With scrubs, name tags and other medical props, make Halloween a ‘beautiful day to save lives.’



Grab the friends who are always there for you and break in the trendy style of the 90’s, shown in this beloved sitcom. No Halloween plans? There’s always a coffee shop to meet at to enjoy each other’s company.



Each decade has its own unique flavor and distinction to choose from, so whether you’re a hippie, 80s workout guru or pink lady, add some obvious trends from that time period to accessorize this group costume that is sure to make history.


NBA stars

No time to buy anything? Have everyone throw on a jersey and the starting lineup is ready. Of course, even NBA players are wearing masks off the court, so grab a mask and a basketball for this simple group costume.


‘Harry Potter’ wizards and witches

There’s no better way to feel the magic of Halloween than to be from the ‘Wizarding World.’ Robes, wands and of course ‘Harry Potter’ glasses and a lightning scar will make this costume.


‘Scooby Doo’ Gang

Pile in the mystery van in these simple but fun outfits and get ready to be recognized as meddling kids. Don’t forget the lively pops of orange, green, blue and purple.



This may be the most straightforward of all DIY costumes, so it’s perfect for those waiting until the last minute. With a white sheet and scissors to make eye holes, this group is free to do all the haunting it wants.


The Cheetah Girls

Look out because this will be the fiercest girl group on Halloween. Vibrant, suede sweats and cheetah print shows off the fashion of this Disney Channel Original Movie.


Halloween may look different this year, but don’t let that stop the thrill that dressing up brings. Whatever your plans are, enjoy wearing a unique group costume (with a mask of course) that makes Halloween that much more entertaining and enjoyable.