“The Princess Switch: Switched Again” is royally unexceptional


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Sequels are a hit or miss, and this one was a miss. “The Princess Switch: Switched Again,” the sequel to “The Princess Switch,” came to Netflix Nov. 19, just in time for the holidays.


“The Princess Switch” was released in November of 2018 and featured a Chicago baker, Stacey (Vanessa Hudgens) who, with the help of her best friend Kevin (Nick Segar) enters in a baking competition in Belgravia where she runs into a duchess, Margaret, who looks exactly like her. They decide to switch places and Margaret falls for Kevin while Stacey falls for Prince Edward, making her princess. Maragaret is next in line for queen, but before they can live happily ever after, Kevin and Margaret break up.


Picking up where the original left off, Stacey heads back to Belgravia in time for Margaret’s coronation as queen, but her real intention is to get Kevin and Margaret back together. Then, things take a turn for the worse in the plot (and for anyone watching) when Margaret’s not-so-nice cousin, Fiona, who — unsurprisingly — looks exactly like Margaret and Stacey, decides to use that to her advantage to gain the riches she’s always been jealous of.


When clicking on a Netflix Christmas movie, you should know you’re getting into a Hallmark-esque rom-com plot, so you can only blame yourself if it was too cheesy for your taste. The constant snow falling and the palace decked out in bright, red and green decor put me in a cheerful mood; it definitely succeeded in spreading Christmas joy that many people are looking for right now, but the plot falls short. 


While I enjoyed the Christmas spirit, it became tedious and lengthy as it went on. Let’s just say I was shocked when I realized the movie was only a little over an hour and a half; I was sure that it was at least two and a half. When I thought I’d finally reached the ending, it dawdled on some more with idyllic, fairy-tale moments. 


The ‘evil cousin’ aspect of the movie was unnecessary and seemed like a failed attempt to add more to the plot; it only added confusion. While I shouldn’t have expected more from a sequel, I couldn’t get past how unrealistic it was for three of them to look exactly alike; they could have come up with a more inventive idea to drive the movie. Some parts of the movie were exciting, but the unrealistic plot would be more intriguing to a younger audience, so I’d assume most high school students would agree the movie can only be enjoyed if you are in the mood to watch a cheesy holiday rom-com. 


Given the unimpressive plot, this was a mediocre movie, but if you’re looking for something to put you into the Christmas spirit, it can’t hurt to watch. However, I’d suggest watching the first movie over the sequel as it’s not as redundant. All in all, the sense of Christmas cheer made me thrilled for this holiday season, but the last thing I’d ever do is sit through the whole movie again.