“In Wonder” of Shawn Mendes


Photo via Netflix

As an avid fan of Shawn Mendes, I was thrilled to find out he was releasing a Netflix documentary, titled “In Wonder,” on Nov. 23. I had been hearing him talk about working on a documentary for a couple of years now; he often mentioned it in interviews and his fan Q&A sessions before each of his shows during “Shawn Mendes: The Tour.”


This documentary gave fans a look into Mendes’ life during his 2019 tour, allowing them to see a more vulnerable side of him. Often, I think people forget the celebrities we idolize are real people. This documentary showed sides of Mendes he does not often share on social media. We were able to witness him go back to his home town of Pickering in Ontario, Canada. While he was there, he spent time with his friends and family, while visiting some of his favorite spots in the city. 


Mendes shared about his personal experience growing up under the spotlight. As he told the stories of his previous songs written about his current girlfriend, Camila Cabello, he mentioned how they connect with one another since they both came to fame in their teenage years. I think sharing about his relationship with Cabello could sway the public’s opinion on their relationship, as many people believe it’s a publicity stunt or that Mendes was better off without her.


Toward the end of the film we were shown a vulnerable side of Mendes. During his tour in 2019, he had to cancel his show in São Paulo, Brazil, due to issues regarding his voice. Mendes was disappointed to have to cancel his show and let down his fans. In the film, you witness a raw moment of him sitting in the stadium seats, crying while on FaceTime with his mother. Sharing this low point showed how passionate he is and that he aspires to make a positive impact on others.


The “In Wonder” documentary provides real and raw insight to Mendes’ life and captures multiple aspects of his life, both on and off stage. The feelings Mendes shared with the audience allows people to see a more realistic side of him and his lifestyle.