Spotify’s Discover Weekly: Student Edition

Over the years, I’ve found that asking people what their favorite album is gives you a reliable music recommendation. It is easy to have a favorite song, something that you found randomly and enjoy, but having a favorite album is a greater connection to the music, as you have to listen to the full tracklist and likely enjoy almost every song. 


Asking someone what their favorite album is often guarantees an album that is holistically good. In addition, having someone like the music that you recommended is a wonderful feeling, so it is overall a beneficial method for everyone involved. 


I asked five different students what their favorite album was and why, and I ended up with five wonderful album recommendations.


Senior Karine Chalhoub: “Maggot Brain” by Funkadelic

“Maggot Brain” album cover

“My favorite album is ‘Maggot Brain’ by Funkadelic because the sounds bring me peace. They will have small excerpts in their songs with bizarre sayings that make you think, and you’re able to listen to the unique sounds of their music while you think. My favorite song in this album is also called ‘Maggot Brain.’ The line in the beginning is my favorite thing in the entire world — ‘Mother Earth is pregnant for the third time/For y’all have knocked her up.’ I think more people need to hear this because we keep knocking up Mother Earth with our waste and toxins, when we should be taking care of Mother Earth and protecting her. After all, she is our home no matter what you believe in. Funkadelic’s music has really made me open up my mind and view things from a clearer standpoint, and I highly recommend listening to their music.”



Junior Justin Weed: “2014 Forest Hill Drive” by J. Cole

“2014 Forest Hill Drive” by J. Cole

“I think I would go with J. Cole’s ‘2014 Forest Hills Drive’ album. I love the lyricism of J. Cole’s music, and his songs in that album were pretty versatile. His songs are always able to set the mood whether I’m driving around or hanging out with friends. In my opinion, there wasn’t a bad song on the album, and I still listen to it today.”






Senior Drew Pesina: “Salad Days” by Mac DeMarco

“Salad Days” album cover

“I’m constantly listening to music all day. It is something that gets me in the right headspace. I’ve explored many artists and listened to many albums, so it is hard for me to pick a favorite, but I would have to say my current album is ‘Salad Days’ by Mac DeMarco. This is an 11-song album that can go with any way you’re feeling throughout the day. DeMarco isn’t a very well known artist for some, but I believe his music style is something that everyone can enjoy. It is nothing too hype and nothing too boring in my opinion. It’s a good album to listen to while enjoying some leisure time or on a nice drive. My favorite song out of the album is ‘Passing Out Pieces.’”



Junior Megan Ramos: “Oncle Jazz” by Men I Trust

“Oncle Jazz” album cover

“If I had to choose one of my favorite albums, it would have to be ‘Oncle Jazz’ by Men I Trust, an indie-pop band based in Quebec. Funky, chill, jazzy vibes are how I would describe their music. There’s something about their sound that’s oddly soothing — it either makes you want to bop your head to the beat or close your eyes and sway. My go-to songs from Oncle Jazz would have to be ‘Show Me How,’ ‘Seven’ and ‘Something in Water.’ Their music is mostly minimal with cool bass lines and electronics, so I would say it’s definitely perfect for a nice drive or studying.”




Senior Serena Karim: “When This Plane Goes Down” by Rachel Bobbitt and Justice Der

“When This Plane Goes Down” album cover

“My favorite album is currently ‘When This Plane Goes Down’ by Rachel Bobbitt and Justice Der. I first encountered this record through ‘Iris Road,’ a single that found its way to my Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist. A starkly upbeat track compared to the rest of the album, ‘Iris Road’ delves into finding a sense of normalcy and comfort in an unfulfilling relationship, as her partner fails to carry the same weight that she does both emotionally and mentally. ‘I fall in line/Getting dizzy tracing circles in my mind/And you take your time/Hands in your pockets so you never reach for mine.’ Bobbitt, the vocalist in this duo, continues to explore the concept of complacency in a passive relationship with tracks like ‘Passed Out Trees,’ where she remarks ‘You don’t even love me in my dreams/A thin fabrication with fraying seams.’ She and Der manage to encapsulate a dreamlike, nostalgic sound with the work of her soothing harmonies and his somber electric guitar accompaniment. Complete with introspective lyrics and unique melodies, this album is great for those who find themselves in a contemplative state.”