COIN paints a colorful picture with “Rainbow Mixtape”


Photo by Katlynn Fox

COIN performs at Southside Ballroom in Dallas on their North American tour for the 2017 album “How Will You Know If You Never Try.” The band will resume touring in October 2021.

Like many other artists during the start of quarantining and isolation, indie band COIN began constructing their fourth album, “Rainbow Mixtape,” which was fully released April 30. The band jumped back into action after the tour of their third album, “Dreamland,” was cut short as a result of COVID-19. The colorful concept album was released in separate EPs based on color, with “Indigo Violet” and “Green Blue” being released first. 

Photo via COIN

I have been a fan of COIN since the release of their second album “How Will You Know If You Never Try,” which featured popular radio songs “Boyfriend” and “Talk Too Much.” I have since seen them live twice and they are even more devastatingly talented in person. Their music has become the perfect driving soundtrack, homework music and workout playlist. I have spent hours immersing myself into the discography of the indie-pop alternative wonder of COIN, and I could not contain my excitement when this colorful compilation was released in full.  

“Indigo Violet” was the first EP of the series, making a musical debut on October 22. The first installment of the rainbow has such a classic COIN sound, with strong indie-pop influences; every song is consistently melodic and perfect for singing along with friends.

My favorite song on “Indigo Violet” is “You Are The Traffic.” While the instrumental track is mindlessly wonderful on its own, the lyrics are romantic and vulnerable. This track talks about how loving someone can be so all-consuming, and despite being scared, surrendering to it is the only solution. Overall, the thing I love most about COIN is that I always feel like I’m in an A24 high school movie when I listen to them, and this song is not an exception. While the song does make me feel lonely and single, I can’t help but belt the lyrics like I’m in the best relationship of my life. 

The second EP, “Green Blue,” was released March 12. This EP definitely focuses on a soft-rock energy with touches of folk that I found pleasantly surprising. 

As the second track on “Green Blue,” and the only featured song on the album, “Sagittarius Superstar” with Faye Webster is an iconic hit. It was fascinating to hear the juxtaposition between the soft feminine voice of Webster and emotional depth of lead singer Chase Lawrence. The folk undertones are prominent in the beat at the beginning of “Sagittarius Superstar” that instantly reminded me of Fleetwood Mac, which is the highest compliment I could give. 

Photo by Katlynn Fox

The “Red Orange” series was released last, only being included in the full album that released April 30. This color scheme has inspiration from R&B and 70s hypnotic beats. Listening to it feels like basking in the warm glow of the summer sun and I couldn’t love it more. 

In “How it Feels,” Lawrence bares his soul with lyrics of love and longing. This song pays homage to the pandemic with the repetition of the lyric “six feet apart” when singing about meeting in parks and breaking hearts. “How It Feels” is reminiscent of trying to foster relationships and friendships at a time where closeness is unattainable: both relatable and depressing. 

Overall, I think this album is complex with emotions that range from joy to heartbreak to melancholia with a rainbow of colors to correlate.  I can’t wait to spend the summer committing every lyric to memory and praying that their tour doesn’t get cancelled again so I can get back to dancing my heart out in person with COIN.