“There’s Someone Inside Your House” was another Netflix letdown


Photo via Netflix

As someone who scares easily, I dared myself to watch Netflix’s new movie “There’s Someone Inside Your House” which was released on Oct. 6. Within minutes of starting the movie, I had to text a friend that I needed her with me to shield my eyes from the gruesome material on the screen. Since my friend was out of town and I didn’t have a backup buddy to cover my eyes for the scary scenes, I had to brave this movie on my own. 

The movie takes place in a small Nebraska town, focusing on a group of high school students. Makani Young (Sydney Park) is new to the school and lives with her grandmother. Makani has a big secret, and when her classmates begin to be murdered by a killer destined to show the world students’ secrets, Makani works with her friends to stop the killer before they catch their next victim. 

If I am being brutally honest (I have the right to, considering how brutal this film was), this was a horrible movie. Now I may not be one for horror movies, but I can appreciate good cinema, even if it’s scary. This movie did not have the same slow build and eeriness that the best scary movies include. Instead it had an abrupt start, which threw off the introduction to all of the characters and also failed to establish who the main character was. 

I still tried to give this movie the benefit of the doubt as I tried to figure out who the main character was. As the movie continued, my confusion continued as well. The film tried too hard to make this a relatable teen movie filled with romance and friendship along with the horror. The budding relationships among the characters threw the plot off track, ruining the movie, and some of the relationships were frankly unnecessary. 

There were only two things I enjoyed about this movie, one being Makani’s secret relationship, which added important depths to her mystery. Second, the ending actually caught me by surprise. I normally find horror movies to be quite predictable, and I was not expecting this to be the movie that shocked me. 

While you may be tempted to watch this movie with your friends to make fun of it, I would not waste your time. Even if I were to have watched it with friends, the movie was more confusing than obnoxious. I am glad the ending was surprising, but that will not make up for the pain I endured throughout this film.