New on Netflix: what’s worth the watch

As an avid Netflix binger, I am constantly keeping up with what’s being added to the streaming service. Currently, I am not completely disappointed with the options the app has to offer. After the stress of midterms, this past long weekend was perfect for watching some of these new movies and television shows.

Photos via Netflix


Maid: 10/10

Summary: Due to unfortunate circumstances, newly single mother Alex Russell (Margaret Qualley) struggles to keep up financially with her and her daughter’s needs. This miniseries documents Alex’s everyday troubles in supporting and creating a stable life for her and her daughter.

This show deserves every award. It may be cliche, but it made me truly grateful for everything I have and am able to do with the life that I have been given. In other shows or movies, you get a one-second realization of gratitude, but throughout this entire series, the feeling was consistent. Even when dealing with her personal trauma of an abusive ex-boyfriend and undiagnosed bipolar mother, she puts her daughter before anyone else. 

Qualley displayed a range of emotions playing Alex. For a person who has not experienced what real motherhood feels like, Qualley executed the character beautifully. Having the entire show centered on her journey through this troubled motherhood, she presents the will and advocacy mothers exhibit for the safety and wellbeing of their children. 


The Guilty: 7/10

Summary: When police officer Joe Baylor (Jake Gyllenhall) is working as a 911 operator, he receives a phone call from a distressed woman who claims to be kidnapped. After going out of his way to help this woman, everything unfolds and is not as it seems. 

From the moment I saw the trailer, I anticipated the storyline to be as great as it turned out to be. The distressed woman, Emily Lighton (Riley Keough), expresses to Joe that she has been taken. Since the story was set in only one place, the call center, with only one main character, there were important characters, such as Emily, whose faces were not shown throughout the entire movie. I found the movie being shot in one place to make it uninteresting toward the middle. I am not the biggest fan of Gyllenhall’s work in general, which may be the reason I lost interest, but my curiosity about what was happening with Emily is what motivated me to finish the movie.  


The Starling: 5/10

Summary: Lilly Maynard (Melissa McCarthy) and her husband Jack Maynard (Chris O’Dowd) suffer a great loss in their family that separates the couple while a bothersome bird, known as the Starling, builds a nest beside Lilly’s home. While she tries her hardest to remove the bird, the movie takes us on Lilly’s journey to regain her livelihood. 

With Gilmore Girls being one of my favorite shows growing up, I was excited to see McCarthy take on a more serious role on screen. Even though I look at McCarthy as more of a comedic relief character, watching her play this specific role was fitting. I rated this lower because I didn’t appreciate the movie’s slow pace. I understand they had to explain her life separated from her husband, but including every detail seemed unnecessary. Although I felt the movie was moving slowly, I thought the storyline was lovely. When McCarthy was shown on screen by herself, she portrayed Lilly’s situation in her own comical style. The setting of the movie was by far my favorite part. I’ve always loved movies and television shows set in small towns because it shows so much connection between the characters in the show, making me feel like I have a personal bond with each of the characters. 


On My Block (Season 4): 9/10 

Summary: This quirky teenage show takes the audience on a chaotic journey for one last time during its final season. In the previous season, the gang, Cesar (Diego Tinoco), Ruby (Jason Genao), Monse (Sierra Capri), and Jamal (Brett Gray), left their friendship in a vulnerable place while on a mission to find the RollerWorld money. 

When “On My Block” first came out, I instantly became obsessed, but now watching the final season, I am satisfied it’s coming to the end. Realistically, watching the squad’s friendship go from close to distant thoroughly explained what friendships in high school can look like. Even with the risky situations they managed to get involved in, they stayed close in the early seasons, but now these circumstances have put a strain on their relationship. I’d recommend watching this show to see each character’s development throughout every season. To watch them grow from each of their sorrows and see where they end up in the future was enlightening. 


Usually, I’m not satisfied with the new selection Netflix comes up with. This time, I was ecstatic to watch these movies and shows. This list can take audiences on a rollercoaster of intimacy, suspense, romance and feel-good moments. If you are indecisive when it comes to choosing a new movie or show to watch, this list may have your next pick.