“The Adam Project” can be summarized in one word: “Amazing”


Photo via Netflix

Released on March 11, the Netflix original “The Adam Project” is about a 12-year-old boy named Adam Reed (Walker Scobell) who teams up with his future self (Ryan Reynolds) and helps save the future from Sorian (Catherine Keener.) It currently sits at the number two spot on Netflix’s top 10 list.

To put it bluntly, “The Adam Project” is one of, if not the greatest, movies on Netflix. The casting was perfect and the plot was amazing. There may be some movies out there that have a similar plot line, but the way this movie executes it makes it feel brand-new. 

Characters who had small amounts of screen time still had a beautiful effect on the viewers’ emotion and building the storyline. Not once did it feel like the big stars in this film were carrying the entire movie. Everyone pitched in, like that once in a lifetime occurrence when everyone in the group project does their part. 

I found myself tearing up at how good this movie is, which is surprising since I typically don’t like Netflix Originals. The range of emotions it provokes is astounding. The movie gives an impressive amount of irritation and sadness, and it is combated with witty moments, humor, happiness and so much more.

Speaking of witty moments, I normally don’t like one-liners in movies because they don’t ever have the effect that they intend to. So when I heard this movie had a few, I got a little tense, but I was completely wrong. The one-liners send this movie over the edge and are really enjoyable. I should know since I replayed one about 10 times.  

There are a few main lessons in this movie, like the importance of family and also the importance of moving on and learning from mistakes. Along with that, this movie teaches the importance of standing up to people who do you wrong, and always finding a way back to those that are important to you.

I’d like to make it known that this movie is definitely something you should put on your watchlist if you want a good laugh or something wholesome to watch.