Wallows’ new album, “Tell Me That It’s Over,” is the perfect variety heartbreak soundtrack


Photo via Hip Hop Leakers

Alternative band Wallows released its second album, “Tell Me That It’s Over,” on March 25. The lyricism of this album falls heavily on the ideas of a relationship and the aftermath of falling in love, while the instrumentation explores slower, ballad-type beats. These characteristics merge together to create the perfect heartbreak soundtrack for any occasion, whether it be rocking through the heartache or a good cry session.

The band’s first single from the album, “I Don’t Want To Talk,” was released on Sep. 30, 2021. The chorus of the song reads, “So could you tell me that it’s over / Tell me that it’s over / Tell me that it’s over now,” alluding to the album before fans were aware of the then upcoming release

“I Don’t Want To Talk” utilizes the classic rock band instrumentation with a drummer and different guitars, making the track fit right in with the rest of the Wallows’ discography.

Especially You,” the second single released from the album, made its debut on Feb. 3. This track had the same upbeat energy and typical Wallows feel and sound to it (I found it very similar to their 2020 song, “OK”), so I was anticipating the rest of the album to generally fit under the same sound umbrella; however, “Tell Me That It’s Over” blew me away with its greater musical variation. 

The first song that really caught my attention with its new sound was “That’s What I Get.” The tune immediately falls into a slower melody with a light background track and more stripped vocals. The percussion eventually builds and becomes more present, but this song never reaches a strong, head-banging point. The track seemed more subdued overall, which makes sense as the lyrics read, “I’d never give up on you but you gave up on me / And that’s what I get for falling in love.” 

Although not as slow and somber as “That’s What I Get,” track No. 6, “Permanent Price” also explores less heavy rock-style music with lighter instrumentals. The main chorus is sung in open fifth chords, making the vocals a more prominent part of the song. As a band, Wallows songs tend to contain more talk-singing, as I like to call it, but the usage of chord structures gave “Permanent Price” a different sense of musicality to it, showing a new side of the band. 

On the opposite side of the spectrum, “Hurts Me” has a joyous 80s vibe. Although the lyrics follow the same love story as the rest of the album, a new phase in the relationship is conveyed through the different presentations of the lyrics. “Hurts Me” is a personal standout from the album because it has the least resemblance to anything else on “Tell Me That It’s Over,” making the track’s uniqueness pop.

My personal favorite song from the album was track No. 8, “Marvelous.” “Marvelous” is filled with more traditional indie-rock instrumentals, with the bright addition of a tambourine. The tambourine gave the song a more beachy, summer feel, making this the perfect track to listen to on a sun-filled day by the pool. 

The lyrics of this track are reminiscent of simpler times, and the band wishes the love interest well, regardless of the fact that they won’t be able to stop thinking of them. Although the words hold a deeper, more somber meaning, the beat of this track creates an entirely different energy, still making this song a head-bopper.

The final track, “Guitar Romantic Search Adventure” closes with the last line, “tell me that it’s over.” Although it’s a small detail, this was such a satisfying ending to the album, providing listeners with a full-circle moment. It’s very clear that the entire album and different tracks are used to portray a single overarching story — sharing the journey of a love story — and the small attention to details sold me on this as a listener. 

If you’re a fan of alternative rock or indie music and want to hear a rollercoaster of a love story through a variety of upbeat and slow songs, “Tell Me That It’s Over” is the album for you.