“You Are Not My Mother” is 90 minutes of my life wasted


Photo via Magnet Release

“You Are Not My Mother” is a horror movie released on March 25 and available on Apple TV.  The movie takes place in Dublin, Ireland and revolves around the sudden and short-lived disappearance of Char’s (Hazel Doupe) mom, Angela (Carolyn Bracken). Once her mom reappears, she goes from being a closed-off and distant mom to interactive and seemingly present. 

Though the description of the movie didn’t hold much promise, after watching the trailer, I was excited to watch what I thought would be an action-packed horror movie. The movie starts off in the past with Angela’s mom throwing an unknown baby into a fire without context, which left me confused, yet intrigued. That scene on its own made me want to know the context behind the scene, why it was significant and what else may happen. However, as the movie progressed, it became clear that “You Are Not My Mother” was slow-paced, with creepy background music being the only thing giving the film suspense. 

As someone who wants to be creeped out by horror movies, that very factor wasn’t even present throughout this movie. There were absolutely no noteworthy jump scares or scenes memorable to the viewer. The plot was predictable with nothing to actually shock me, rather, it left me with many unanswered questions. 

I was only interested because I wanted to find out what was wrong with Char’s mom, but upon the reasoning actually being revealed, it was confusing and anticlimactic. After it was revealed what ‘monster’ is actually harming Angela, there was no proper backstory and reasoning as to why Angela specifically, how this happened or even just a description on what this monster was and its purpose. 

If you’re looking for a good horror movie to watch, I recommend skipping “You Are Not My Mother,” unless you’re in the mood of torturing yourself with a movie full of predictability, blandness and disappointment.